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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Gaining Hands-on Experience Through My 4-month Internship

Hello. I’m Iskandar and I’m a Bruneian, 22 years old. I am studying Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance until May 2017 at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Our degree program is a 4 years full-time degree which inclusive of 1 year Discovery Year during the 3rd year of study in order to give an opportunity for students to explore, discover and break their comfort zone for instance; Study Abroad Program, Student Exchange Programme, Student Internship Programme, Community Outreach Programme and Incubation Programme.

I chose two activities for my Discovery Programme. First, I went to Waseda University, Tokyo Japan for 1 semester for Student Exchange Programme. Second, I went to Jakarta for the Student Internship Programme at ASEAN Foundation for another 1 semester. I chose internship because I would like to add value and grow my personal qualities, to have job experience because job market is now competitive. At the same time, I would like to get great experience working overseas and get to know the working culture and people in Jakarta.

This was my first time went to Jakarta and yes, I have many concerns. I’m a Bruneian but I can mostly speak and understand their language because I used to watch some Indonesian movies and TV shows. Therefore, it is so useful and beneficial especially foreigners to learn Indonesian language so as to make communication become easier and to avoid language barriers.

For the internship Programme, I learnt various aspects of operation from accounting and financial, project matters and also on the program side. It was an amazing to get hands-on experience with financial accounts as I’m an accounting and finance graduates. Besides that, ASEAN Foundation is actively engaging with various organization and also actively attending seminars and talks hosted by different organizations. I have attended talk and seminar which were hosted by the ASEAN Secretariat on the topic Disaster Management for ASEAN member states, as well as by Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi on the topic global economics and money exchange.

If you want to know more about ASEAN, if you want to learn new culture and working environment and if you want to get experience working in a non-profit organization. ASEAN Foundation is a good place to start. My 4 months of internship at ASEAN Foundation taught me self-confident, skills and knowledge, ability to interact with people, communication skills, problem solving skills as well as an ability to adapt with different environment and working culture.