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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Great Experience

Hi, I am Siarah, 24 from Brunei. I graduated from Univeristi of Brunei Darussalam in 2014, majoring in Economics. In my university, during our third year, we had this program called DISCOVERY YEAR whereby all the students in third year were encourage going outside the university to gain the reality experience. The coordinator gave us options whether to study abroad, student exchange, internship, community services or incubator (entrepreneur).

My choice was to do internship abroad therefore my coordinator liaised with ASEAN Foundation (AF) and I was being chosen as the first interns from Brunei to start internship in AF. At first it was a nerve wreaking experience as I had got no one to refer about the work, where to start everything is blur what make it worse, I never been to Jakarta.

Despite all the worries, for me it is usual for those who are first timer after all I really enjoying my experience there. One of the funny things that I encounter is when I tried to call one of our guest for our event, it was so difficult and I had to speak Indonesian language but thankfully back in Brunei I always watch “Sinetron” so I know a bit of the language. Back to the story, when I reached his assistant, she asked about “No Pesawat berapa”? if I were to translate it in my own understanding, she is asking about my airplane number (at that time actually I’m counting days to go back to Brunei attending my sister wedding), I was thinking like how she knows about my flight?, then I ask her back but actually she is referring to my office phone extension number.

For me internship is a good kick start for us to earn experience in working condition especially with current job competition, gain as much as you can, be patience, respect and be a great team player. This is what I can advise to all the new fresh graduates outside, praise to ALLAH after my great experience in AF, currently I am working with one of the international Bank in the World.

Be a great team player, respect, be patience.

Thank you

Siarah Zainuddin