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Criteria of Project Approval | Project Proposal Format | Project Appraisal Checklist Form |
Project Cycle Calendar | Allowable Project Cost | Disbursement Procedures |
Project Implementation Requirements

Criteria of Project Approval

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation has adopted the following criteria for project approval:

The project must be consistent with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Establishment of the ASEAN Foundation as well as the objectives and priorities of the ASEAN Foundation as provided in the ASEAN Foundation Plan of Action . Action/s being supported by the project must be specified in the project proposal submitted to the ASEAN Foundation.
The project must fall under the purview of the mandate of the ASEAN Foundation to focus its work on Functional Cooperation which covers, among others, the fields of science and technology, environment, culture and information, social development (youth, women, health and nutrition, education, labour affairs, disaster management, HIV/AIDS prevention and control, children, population, and rural development and poverty eradication), drug matters, and civil service.
The project/problem to be addressed must be regional in nature.
The project shall be undertaken at the ASEAN level with beneficiaries of all ASEAN member countries. However, in line with the need to assist new members of ASEAN in narrowing the gap in the level of development, the Foundation will also consider projects specifically for this purpose.
The project must be sustainable in nature, meaning the benefits of the project will continue or carry on even after the termination of external assistance.
Special consideration and high-priority shall be given to projects co-financed from other sources and counterpart contributions and to small-scale projects.
The project's objectives must be achievable within a specified period of time.
The project must be cost-effective.
The project must not be a duplication of on-going or future/pending projects of the ASEAN Foundation and other ASEAN bodies.
The project must directly benefit people at the grassroots level.
Preference shall be given to project proponents and/or executing agencies that have the necessary network and proven track record in conducting such projects.

Note: This general criteria for project approval should be read in conjunction with the yearly supplementary guidelines for project approval which could be provided by the ASEAN Foundation secretariat.


Criteria of Project Approval | Project Proposal Format | Project Appraisal Checklist Form |
Project Cycle Calendar | Allowable Project Cost | Disbursement Procedures |
Project Implementation Requirements

Further information on ASEAN Foundation website, please contact: secretariat@aseanfoundation.org

ASEAN Foundation
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E-mail: secretariat@aseanfoundation.org
Or reach us using our electronic contact form.


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The ASEAN Foundation was established by the ASEAN Leaders in December 1997 during ASEAN’s 30th Anniversary Commemorative Summit to help bring about shared prosperity and a sustainable future to all 10 ASEAN Member Countries, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam.



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