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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Training ASEAN Youth in video skills to tell their ASEAN story

Their storyboards were rich with their creativity on what ASEAN meant for young people. One of the winners’ storyboards figured ASEAN as a father while each ASEAN Member States as the children, another storyboard imagined ASEAN as a super hero that came and saved the day, while another one showed the ASEAN Community as a bridge for people in the region to get connected to each other. Each storyboard had its own uniqueness and strength in conveying message about ASEAN to the people

Mr. Horea Salajan, Author at ThaiPBS based in Thailand, with long experiences in video production and also video trainings, delivered this training. He assessed all winners’ storyboards and taught the participants skills crucial for them to develop a video project. “Being artistic is like a durian, some people like, some people don’t. It doesn’t mean durian is bad, or durian is good. It depends on the people who see it,” Mr. Horea encouraged the participants to be proud of their ideas.

Many assignments were given to the participants during the training, including revisions to their storyboards in order to emphasise the message that they wanted to convey to the audience through their two-minute videos. Even though they had to endure sleepless nights during the training period, they valued this rare opportunity, which for some of them was their first overseas travel which had opened their mind to the diversity in ASEAN.

“This is my first time traveling by plane and first time to see Singapore. There were lots of new things I learnt from Singapore, the lifestyle, work environment, education, tourism. The workshop was very extraordinary for me because it provided opportunities to develop my skills. During the training, we had a chance to share our idea and opinion with other participants. Thanks to the agencies, organisations, and departments involved in this ASEAN Youth Video Contest for giving me this experience. Albert Einstein says that the only source of knowledge is experience“, said Mr. Khairrudin Kiffle, a participant from Brunei Darussalam.

At the end of the training, these young people brought home new skills that they could use to produce their videos and be ready for the next competition to win cash prizes. There will be an opportunity to fly to Malaysia and see the winner’s video played at the 27th ASEAN Summit in November 2015.

This Project is a collaboration between the ASEAN Secretariat, the ASEAN - U.S. PROGRESS, the ASEAN Foundation, and the National Youth Council Singapore with support from the USAID and the Government of the Philippines.

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