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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Make ASEAN Better by Joining ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ADSE) 2017

On May 9, 2017 The ASEAN Foundation and SAP SE (NYSE:SAP), the market leader in enterprise application software, launched the ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ADSE) 2017. This competition is targeting ASEAN youths to play key role in tackling today’s social issues facing the region and help create positive change for a better future.

Tertiary students across all 10 ASEAN member states are invited to participate in the ASEAN DSE. This data analytics competition aims to enhance awareness and appreciation of the ASEAN community amongst ASEAN youths through digital literacy intervention. Titled “Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World”, this competition will allow all ASEAN youths to play a key role in tackling today’s social issues facing the region and help create positive change for a better future.

“A sustainable ASEAN community lies in the hands of ASEAN’s youth. I believe that our joint initiatives with SAP will increase the involvement of ASEAN youths in national and regional activities to give them an opportunity to actively contribute to the ASEAN community,” says Elaine Tan, the Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation.

Despite the rapid economic growth in the region, ASEAN still faces many social, health and environmental challenges that hinder further progress. Moving forward, data analytics is identified to be a valuable tool to highlight key issues in ASEAN and develop effective strategies to face these challenges.

“ASEAN doesn’t represent just one economic community, but also one social community. For SAP, the bloc represents a growth frontier region in many dimensions. With almost half of the region’s population being under 30 years of age by 2020, ASEAN represents a growing pool of available talent that we can invest in and work with for a better future. The joint initiatives with ASEAN Foundation will help youths unleash the region’s full potential.” said Mr. Scott Russell, President and Managing Director, SAP South East Asia.

By learning and using the SAP Analytics Cloud, the ASEAN DSE encourages participants to deliver data-driven insights for ASEAN across several United Nation (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Participants are tasked with recommending sustainable and impactful strategies in one of the following areas, (i) Good Health and Well-Being, (ii) Quality Education, (iii) Gender Equality, (iv) Clean Water and Sanitation, (v) Decent Work and Economic Growth, and (vi) Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The ASEAN DSE competition will culminate in national finals in the respective ASEAN countries in October, where participants will pit their storyboards against each other to determine a national winner. Following this, the ASEAN DSE will conclude in a regional level competition held in Jakarta in November to determine the overall winner in ASEAN region.Show the world how ASEAN youth could make ASEAN better by joining the ASEAN DSE 2017!