27 October, 2020 5:15 PM

AFMAM Journey: Mohamad Desgia Adinadya Putra

The implementation of ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting (AFMAM) 2020 was quite different compared to the usual ones as it had to adapt to the current development of COVID-19. Instead of being held on-site, the 4-day conference had to be hosted virtually on Zoom. Even so, the enthusiasm remained as strong and it was an excellent opportunity to connect and be engaged with other fellow young people from all around ASEAN. 

“Despite being physically apart, the excitement for AFMAM remained high! I was still able to build a strong camaraderie among delegates, especially among my team. We were so diverse and it was so much fun experiencing every stage of AFMAM 2020 together,” said Mohamad DesgiaAdinadya Putra from Indonesia who was assigned in the ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) as the Senior Official representing Lao PDR. 

Besides practice diplomacy and public speaking under a stimulation of ASEAN high-level meeting setup, AFMAM also provides an opportunity for youth to gain a better understanding of the challenges we face today and be involved in providing solution. “We are now confronted with multidimensional challenges ranging from the facet of economy to the one in, environmental aspect. My experience with AFMAM gave me insights on how myself, a part of ASEAN youth, can partake in the movement of change,” Desgia added. 

Just like any other meetings, reaching a joint agreement is not always smooth sailing and requires time and patience. In order to build a solid consensus, AFMAM delegates were required to actively communicate their ideas and have the courage to join the debate and negotiate constructively and efficiently.  

“At the end of the session, I am proud to say that we managed to uphold the ASEAN Way and reached a consensus. I believe that the bond, creativity, and shared values that we have among delegates are the key to the success of each session. We were able to look deeper into the issue, hone our essential skills such as public speaking, diplomacy, and teamwork, and get to know ASEAN better. AFMAM is indeed a platform where youth can think, grow, and cooperate. AFMAM helped me to embody ASEAN’s vision, and that is to contribute to our home, our region,” Desgia concluded.  

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