27 July, 2021 11:19 AM

ASEAN-China Young Leaders' Summit

In collaboration with Peking University and China Mission to ASEAN, ASEAN Foundation launches the virtual ASEAN-China Young Leaders' Summit (ACYLS) 2021 to commemorate the 30 years of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations. With the continuing friendly relations and cooperation, the programme aims to strengthen ASEAN-China relationships in advancing peace, stability, integration, and development in the region.

The programme runs from 23 to 26 September 2021 and offers a Model ASEAN Meeting process that will allow youth from all ASEAN Member States and China to learn about ASEAN’s decision-making processes and develop their leadership skills through role-playing and meeting simulations. Other than that, ACYLS is also intended for the delegates to address current issues creatively and effectively.

The summit will consist of six Sectoral Ministerial Meetings (SM), three Community Councils (CC), and one ASEAN-China Summit simulations. After recruiting 143 delegates across 10 ASEAN Member States and China, 11 groups of delegations will be formed where they are assigned to take the roles of Ministers and the Head of State. Subsequently, the delegates will need to draft statements and Blueprints that showcase their discussion outcomes based on consensus and are expected to produce a joint declaration during the ASEAN-China Summit simulation.

Through this fun and interactive experience, ACYLS encourages the young generation to hone their diplomacy skills and foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship. This initiative aims to provide a model of meaningful collaboration for both ASEAN and China to gain mutually beneficial cooperation and contribute to the betterment of the region.

Interested to be part of the first ACYLS 2021? Visit this link and apply by 17 August 2021!

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