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ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme

ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme (ADLP) is an initiative to further combat misinformation and disinformation in ASEAN region. With the support of a USD 1.5 million grant from Google.org, Google’s philanthropic arm, the ASEAN Foundation will lead the implementation of the two-year programme, equipping 1,000+ trainers across ten ASEAN countries with media and information literacy skills they need to train 100,000+ beneficiaries in their community.  


UNESCO identified media literacy as key in fostering critical thinking, respect for cultural diversity, and open dialogue in the Asia Pacific region. But they also observed that one of the biggest hurdles to properly implement media literacy education at scale was the lack of training for educators. This programme will be an important milestone for ASEAN to strengthen the digital literacy skills of its people and transform them into agents of change that can combat online misinformation and disinformation. 

In the implementation of the programme, the ASEAN Foundation will work with local implementing partners in ten ASEAN countries to develop tailor-made training curriculum and deliver it to the local trainers. Besides providing training on media and information literacy, the programme also includes other key interventions such as the creation of a youth advisory group and the establishment of an e-learning platform. 

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