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ASEAN Foundation Influencer Programme 


Three decades after ASEAN was established, ASEAN leaders recognised that: there remained inadequate shared prosperity, ASEAN awareness and contact among the people of ASEAN. It was of this concern that ASEAN leaders established ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia, at ASEAN’s 30th Anniversary Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 15 December 1997. The ASEAN Foundation is an organisation from and for the people of ASEAN. The Foundation exists because of one vision: to build a cohesive and prosperous ASEAN Community. As an ASEAN body, the Foundation is tasked to support ASEAN mainly in promoting awareness, identity, interaction, and development of the people of ASEAN.

As the pandemic has altered the communications landscape and audience behaviour, it is critical for ASEAN Foundation to keep improving its method in promoting ASEAN awareness and identity as well as strengthening its visibility. One of the communications strategies implemented by the Foundation in recent years is by harnessing the strength of its local partners to reach grassroots communities. Such a strategy allows the Foundation to run awareness campaigns that use local languages. To further strengthen the communications strategy, ASEAN Foundation is implementing a new outreach programme called ASEAN Foundation Influencer Programme. Through the programme, ASEAN Foundation will identify 30 influencers and/or key opinion leaders (KOL) across ASEAN Member States (AMS) to assist in promoting ASEAN awareness and identify as well as improving the Foundation and its programmes’ visibility.



  1. To boost ASEAN Foundations' digital presence and reach out to a wider range of audiences within and beyond the ASEAN region.
  2. To connect people who show strong interest in spreading ASEAN Awareness and opportunities programme for #ASEANyouth.





Open call

31 October - 30 November 2022


2 December - 11 December 2022

Online inauguration 

19 December 2022*

Mid-term coordination meeting


February 2023

Announcement of Top 3 Influencers

April 2023

Closing and awarding

May 2023

*Date may be changed based on availability



  • Acknowledgement certificate*
  • Exclusive invitation to ASEAN Foundation’s offline and online events**
  • Regional social media exposure***
  • Total prize of USD1,000 and winner certificate****


*Eligible only for those who consistently post from the start to the end of the programme

**Invitation to ASEAN Foundation’s offline events is only applicable for youth who reside in ASEAN countries in which the event is organised

***Top 3 contents will be reposted on ASEAN Foundation’s social media with credit to the creators. Please note that ASEAN Foundation will provide inputs to improve the content prior to posting

****Prizes valued at USD1,000 and a winner certificate will be awarded to 3 winners who consistently post the most insightful contents



The following are the specific roles and responsibilities ASEAN Foundation’s influencers and/or must undertake:

  • Create contents that can promote ASEAN awareness and ASEAN Foundation’s programmes. In creating the contents, influencers and/or KOLs could opt to use the following themes: Arts & Culture, Community Building, Education, Environment, and Media as a guidance. However, influencers and/or KOLs are given freedom to choose the topics and use local language for the contents. A guideline covering messaging points, accounts to tag in content, and hashtags will be provided.
  • Coordinate with the relevant staff of the Foundation to ensure smooth workflow.
  • Create and submit a simple monthly campaign report containing the following parameters: reach, impression, engagement, and views.



  • At least 1 content per month about the ASEAN Foundation’s programmes and 1 content about ASEAN awareness developed
  • 1 simple monthly campaign report



Following the identification of influencers and/or KOLs, ASEAN Foundation, and the selected influencers and/or KOLs will create content using English and/or local language. Below are the criteria that the Foundation will use to identify the best influencers and/or KOLs:

  • Have a vision and mission that aligns with ASEAN priorities and UN SDGs
  • ASEAN nationals aged 18-35
  • Have social media account that is open for public (not on private mode)
  • Are not affiliated with any political parties
  • English proficient, verbal and written

We welcome applicants from minority groups and indigenous communities as well as youth with disabilities. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.


To be eligible, applications are required to submit the following documents:

  • Valid National Identification Card or Passport in soft copy (PDF format, does not exceed 500 KB
  • Full-face photo in soft copy (JPG or JPEG format, does not exceed 500 KB)
  • Create one social media content about ASEAN awareness based on the following focus: Arts and Culture, Education, and Environment. The contents could be in the form of a still graphic design or a short video. 
  • Upload the content to your social media
  • Tag @aseanfoundation
  • Use hashtags #WeAreASEAN #ASEANFoundationInfluencer



All interested applicants are required to apply to the programme by completing the application form on the following link by 11.59 PM (GMT+7), 30 November 2022.

Incomplete application form will not be further processed. Additionally, only qualified applicants will be contacted by the ASEAN Foundation Influencer Programme committee.

For inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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