ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting

The ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting (AFMAM) programme is a flagship initiative initiated by the ASEAN Foundation in 2015. It targets university students in the region to understand how decision-makers of ASEAN Member States address regional issues at the ASEAN Summit and other regional ASEAN meetings. The programme combines expert-led competency development workshop, which aims to develop diplomacy and leadership skills of the delegates, and role-playing based meeting simulation to allow delegates to learn about decision-making process in ASEAN high-level meetings.

To ensure the authenticity of the experience, the organization of AFMAM is always aligned with the ASEAN chairmanship, especially its theme. For the 5th AFMAM 2019 organised back in July 2019, the theme coincided with the theme carried by Thailand Chairmanship of ASEAN, which is “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability.” The 5th AFMAM 2019 employed, for the first time ever, “ASEAN Plus” framework that saw 14 Australian delegates joining 148 participants from ten ASEAN Member States to role-play various levels of ASEAN and Australian officials engaging in meeting simulations.

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Through AFMAM, I have learnt more about what our ASEAN countries are striving for. A quick tour in Laos was amazing, especially riding the tuk tuk as we don't have that in Brunei. In my perspective, engaging with other ASEAN member countries requires a lot of compassion and understanding of perspectives. Each country has various strengths and weaknesses that can be overcome if we all work together. Frameworks and regulations may be contradicting or not suitable with various cultures and countries."

Afiq Mohammed
Brunei Darussalam Delegate of 2nd AFMAM 2016


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