ASEAN Leaders’ Programme

The ASEAN Leaders Programme gathers senior leaders from the public, private, and civic sectors in ASEAN to work together to address a challenge in the region.

The programme will help them build strong connections with other leaders from around ASEAN, share knowledge and develop the cultural intelligence required to grow ASEAN’s cities, realise the immense potential of the ASEAN Community and secure the future of its people for generations to come. Participants in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the programme collaborated to develop practical proposals to address a central challenge facing ASEAN, and to implement these proposals beyond the programme.

The biggest value for me was working together with people from different countries and different sectors with different opinions – from government to academia. The opportunity itself is very unique. The mixed group gives you access to different perspectives, which I feel will be useful in my political career, to help me avoid bias. To be able to exchange opinions, freely, with people from a variety of backgrounds gives you a perspective you would never get otherwise.”

Rian Ernest Tanudjaja
Master in Public Administration Candidate
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, 2018

Right through the ASEAN Leaders Programme journey, I was really struck by the need to disrupt existing systems and to innovate during the practical implementation of improved mechanisms in order to ensure their meaningful impact, either in the market or in society. I saw that innovation is often manifested in the process of re-engineering existing systems and structures, especially in areas that concern improvements in people’s quality of life. I also began to appreciate the value of promoting Cultural Intelligence. I feel that I am now, capable of functioning effectively even under culturally diverse situations.”

Cdr Aldrin C Cuna PN (GSC) (MNSA)
City Administrator
Quezon City, Philippines


Organised by Common Purpose, in partnership with the ASEAN Foundation and with the support of GE, FWD Insurance and the UK FCO, the ASEAN Leaders Programme brought ASEAN leaders out of their comfort zone. They learned how to lead inclusively, make better decisions as a leader, develop fresh creative approaches to solutions, and extended their regional networks during the programme.

Leveraging the experiences and knowledge that I gained from participating in the ASEAN Leaders Programme, I had a new confidence to lead and manage the team to become the best performance achievers in East Java (a National area) for Micro Financing for Farmers, as well as for distributing Farming Cards. As a result of the programme, I was more open to listening to ideas from others within the team, and outside; to identify and locate bottle necks; and ensure a win-win strategy for all. Initially, the challenges to implement the programme appeared insurmountable, but by building trust, maintaining a constant flow of communication, and continually engaging with diverse parties, we pulled it off.”


Nyimas Azizah Airin Aziz
Development Manager Group
PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Indonesia

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