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Call for Applications: ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting Training of Trainers 2019 (AFMAM TOT 2019)


The ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting or AFMAM is one of the ASEAN Foundation’s flagship initiatives that addresses the promotion of ASEAN and the raising of ASEAN awareness among the ASEAN people. It has been convened five times since its inauguration in 2015 and will continue to be organised annually.


Recognising the growing interest in AFMAM, the ASEAN Foundation initiated the organising of training of trainers for the Model ASEAN Meeting or AFMAM TOT in November 2018. The AFMAM TOT is designed to increase the pedagogical value in learning how ASEAN works and about the ASEAN Community 2025. It aims to serve as a platform to ensure the authenticity of the content delivery when organising AFMAM at the country-level. Ultimately, it is envisaged that an organic movement to organise MAM in the region will be created through the MAM initiative. The AFMAM TOT helps to sustain AFMAM as an effective approach to contribute to increasing the ASEAN awareness among the people and to strengthen the ASEAN identity by developing the “we feeling” for the region.


Through the AFMAM TOT, the ASEAN Foundation wants to provide future MAMs with the tools and information to bring MAMs more in line with the way ASEAN works. Training modules include theoretical presentations and engaging practical exercises. Attending the TOT will prepare participants for successful MAM simulations that closely follow actual ASEAN practices and procedures. The AFMAM TOT will equip the participants with the required knowledge on how to organise and deliver an AFMAM session to future AFMAM organisers in your countries or even abroad. As an alumnae of the AFMAM TOT, you will be put on a roster of MAM trainers with the ASEAN Foundation to support the implementation of MAM at national levels.

When and where?

The ASEAN Foundation is organising the second AFMAM TOT programme this year. The AFMAM TOT 2019 is a three-day event scheduled for on 4 – 6 December 2019 at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tentative programme agenda appears below:

Day 1

Introduction to the AFMAM and AFMAM TOT programme, ASEAN and Southeast Asia, understanding role-playing in an AFMAM, and the various roles in the AFMAM.

Day 2

Introduction to the AFMAM rules and protocol and techniques on chairing and facilitating, understanding the ASEAN Way (consensus building), guided simulation session, and crafting the AFMAM chairman statement.

Day 3

Crafting and amending the chairman statement, simulation session, tips and tricks for an AFMAM training, developing an effective MAM programme.


General eligibility:

  • ASEAN nationals
  • At the age range of 18 – 35 is an advantage
  • English proficient, verbal and written

Specific eligibility:

  • Have experience in model intergovernmental conferences (Model ASEAN Meeting, Model United Nations, Model Asia – Europe Meeting, or similar conferences)
  • Demonstrate strong interest in leadership/teaching/mentoring role
  • Show commitment to organise one to two AFMAM workshops/conferences in their country within January – December 2020.

Please fill in the application form attached here: bit.ly/AFMAMTOT2019.

What do we provide you with?

  • NO registration or application fee
  • Training materials
  • Certificate
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Participants will shoulder their return travel expenses for the training (home – venue – home).

Free travel scholarship

A total of 10 scholarship for international travels (for overseas participants)/domestic travel (for domestic participants) are available upon meeting the eligibility criteria.

The travel scholarship will be awarded based on a needs and merit-based approach. Please indicate if you would wish to apply for the free travel scholarship on the online application form and submit the additional documents stated under the eligibility criteria. Applicants will be notified of their receipt of travel scholarship by 3 November 2019.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirement to be considered for the travel scholarship.

  • Applicants must be able to arrive by 3 December 2019 and depart no later than 7 December 2019. The accommodation we offer you are 4 nights from 3 December 2019 (Check in) to 7 December 2019 (Check out). If you want to stay in Jakarta, Indonesia for more than 4 nights, you will need to book extra accommodation and pay by yourself.
  • Please submit the following items at the point of application:
    1. A Statement of Need
    2. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member
    3. The latest unofficial transcript
    4. Sample work(s) on ASEAN issues in any form (E.g. papers, videos)
  • Please submit the following items upon registration at the event venue in Jakarta.
    1. For those who take flights to submit your boarding passes and travel itinerary
    2. For those who take trains to submit your railway tickets.

Submission Deadline

Please submit your application by 14 October 2019, 23.59 Jakarta time. Don’t let go of this golden opportunity of becoming the AFMAM listed trainers and maximise your potential to contribute to the ASEAN Community building!



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