Caron Toshiko Monica

Programme Coordinator

Caron joined as the Communication and Programme Officer in early 2018. Previously, she worked at the Church World Service Indonesia as Child Protection Officer and served as Assistant Psychologist at Kasandra & Associates.

Her interest in studying human behaviour and cognition made her take up Psychology as her major at Pelita Harapan University and pursue the same field of study for her Master's degree at University of Atma Jaya. Outside her professional work, Caron is an independent publisher and has been running a photo-book gallery since 2014 to support people to express themselves through personal photo-book project. She believes that media is not only a tool for persuasion and disseminating information, but also for self-expression and self-healing.

As someone who is passionate about psychology and photography, she sees therapeutic photography as a field that is very close to her heart. She has conducted some researches and workshops related to therapeutic photography as well as published several books on that specific field.

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