14 January, 2022 2:22 PM

Chanbormey EAN: Raising the Voice of Youth

Chanbormey EAN, a 21-years-old aspiring youth, believes that green energy has the potential to save our planet against the threat of climate change. With her photo story titled “Planet Cambodia”, she joined ASEAN Photo Competition 2021, expressing her environmental concerns, and promoting the benefits of using renewable energy through every shot she took.

What motivated you to join the ASEAN Photo Competition programme?

I have a keen interest and care about the green environment just like you and everyone else do. In the middle of 2021, I was very honored to find one of the fabulous visual storytelling workshops, the ASEAN Photo Competition. With every step I take, the more experience I gain through the trainers, committees, and other ASEAN youngsters.

We got the opportunity to raise our voice from somewhere to let the world know that we, as the next generation, unite for a common purpose to live on one green planet that causes no harm to living creatures and natural resources.

What have you learned during the workshop?

During the workshop, I highlighted that photography can further convey depth messages to readers, and that it is one aspect of sensory experiences or impressions that can encourage our audience to engage their senses in our visual narrative. The photographers have the opportunity to show the readers the world they see, and the readers have the opportunity to express themselves. Even if we live in different areas, it appears that visual storytelling can bring one person closer to another and willing to share life stories. It links people and makes us feel important to each other.

Can you share with us your thoughts about renewable energy? 

Taking a glance, we are growing up seeing that renewable energy is really essential to make society more environmentally friendly. Here, we are halfway through more green energy to be a part of a sustainable lifestyle. From one place to another, we talk about being energy-saving. In other places, we keep talking and caring about it.

Your photo story was developed in the subject of renewable energy. Can you tell us more about it?

The mindset of mine lends me a hand to do a project, Planet Cambodia. It is described by one of the local people living in Cambodia here, who has the ability to access green energy that makes daily life better.

Green energy is one of the most innovative clean energy sources that can address our planet’s issues and save natural resources from extinction. This awakening will be the most effective interaction between humans and the earth for long-term sustainability.


What is your most memorable moment throughout this programme?

Throughout the workshop days, I saved a remarkable amount of unforgettable learning. One sparkle line did stand out, “You can do it”. The part of this memory collected all the invisible things become brightness to be revealed in this workshop which was an incredible and inspirational stepping-stone as a new learner. I am grateful to be a part of this programme, which encourages ASEAN youths to sharpen our stories and proudly share ideas with one another in order to create new viewpoints under one goal of renewable and sustainable energy in our communities.

Edited by: Naila Syifa, Communications Intern

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