Social Enterprise Incubator & Accelerator Consultant for the ASEAN Social Enterprise Development Programme 3.0. (ASEAN SEDP 3.0.)

February 2024 - January 2025



Continuing the success of ASEAN Social Enterprise Development Programme (SEDP) Phase 1 in 2021 and Phase 2 in 2023, the ASEAN Foundation – with support from TikTok and SAP – is implementing the ASEAN SEDP 3.0 in 2024 to empower social enterprises across the ASEAN region through promoting productivity, technology, and innovation, increasing access to finance, enhancing market access and internationalisation, and promoting entrepreneurship and human capital development. The ASEAN SEDP 3.0 will serve as an accelerator programme that aims to provide customised capacity-building training and mentorship tailored to the needs of the participants. In addition, it will also facilitate market access and provide seed funding for 30 youth-led social enterprises in ten ASEAN countries.

Participants of this programme are 30 youth-led social enterprises based in ASEAN, with a founder or co-founder between 18 and 35 years old and an ASEAN national. The social enterprises already generate some income and are at least in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage. This programme also welcomes social enterprises in Product Market Fit (PMF) and growth stages. Once the 30 social enterprises are selected, the ASEAN Foundation will explore the lessons/materials they wish to learn during the training and mentorship in more detail.

The virtual capacity-building training and mentorship will take place in parallel for 2 months (June to July 2024), with virtual Demo Day taking place in August 2024 and a three-day Regional Workshop in October or November 2024. This Regional Workshop, held in conjunction with the 18th ACCMSME Meeting, is a platform for social entrepreneurs to network with investors and ACCMSME through Business Matchmaking and Networking Events.

During the Virtual Demo Day, 30 social enterprises can pitch their business plans and potentially win up to $40,000 in seed grants. During Demo Day, the ASEAN Foundation, partners, venture capitalists (VCs), and trainers will assess the presentations of the 30 social enterprises. The ones with the strongest pitches and business plans will be awarded seed grants to support their businesses.

In addition, during the programme, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their impacts and engage with the national and ASEAN policymakers.



The primary purposes of the consultancy are to assist the ASEAN Foundation:

  • Contribute to disseminating the call for applications for social enterprises in the ASEAN region to ensure a large number of applications and high-quality applicants
  • Design a quality curriculum, learning methodology, and structure of the ASEAN SEDP 3.0. that meet the needs of 30 selected social enterprises. This includes finding suitable and highly experienced trainers. Participants are at the centre of this programme. Therefore, interactive learning is highly recommended;
  • Gather a diverse network of policymakers and venture capitalists to improve the visibility and access to finance for the 30 selected social enterprises;
  • Ensure the programme generates remarkable impacts. This includes measuring the impact of the ASEAN SEDP 3.0;
  • Shortlist and select 30 qualified youth-led social enterprises to join the programme.



The ASEAN Foundation is looking for a consultant for ASEAN SEDP 3.0. The consultant will work closely with the Project Coordinator of ASEAN SEDP and will perform the following responsibilities:


Curriculum Development

  • Develop a need-assessment survey for social enterprises to customise training and mentoring framework;
  • Develop the framework for ASEAN SEDP 3.0. curriculum by accommodating the needs of 30 selected social enterprises;
  • Compile the work of all writers (trainers) into a single training module document.

Resource Hub

  • Assist the ASEAN Foundation team in finding trainers. Trainers will be responsible for writing the training module and teaching in the Master Class (training sessions);
  • Based on need assessment survey, match SAP Mentors and TikTok mentors with social enterprise mentees;
  • Monitor mentoring sessions with SAP and TikTok mentors, including actively ensuring social enterprises have scheduled mentoring’s and benefit from the mentoring sessions;
  • Assist the ASEAN Foundation team to find investors for Demo Day; and Business Matchmaking;
  • Recommend names of judges for Demo Day.

Participant Scouting and Selection

  • Partner with local institutions in ASEAN Countries and disseminate call for applications for social enterprises;
  • Assist the ASEAN Foundation team in developing selection criteria to shortlist 30 youth-led social enterprises that will be invited for interview;
  • Become one of the panellists to interview the shortlisted social enterprises.

Impact Measurement and Advisory

  • Develop pre-test and post-test to measure the impact of the ASEAN SEDP 3.0.;
  • Provide advisory inputs to ensure the 30 social enterprises participants benefit from the



The consultancy will take place from February 2024 to January 2025. The estimated timeframe does not reflect the number of (actual) working days but the recommended time to complete tasks and deliverables. Below is the detailed timeframe:

*the timeframe below is subject to change depending on the programme development


Time (TBC)

Tasks and Deliverables


26-28 February 2024

  • Define social enterprises.
  • Develop selection criteria and scoring matrix to shortlist 30 social enterprises.
  • Based on selection criteria and scoring matrix, develop the selection form for call for application, including decide the supporting documents for call for application
  • AF to collaborate with TikTok and SAP to launch call for application for TikTok and SAP mentors


29 February – 31 March 2024

  • Partner with local institutions in ASEAN Countries and disseminate call for applications for social enterprises


1 – 5 April 2024

  • Shortlisting 30 social enterprises
  • Develop selection criteria and scoring matrix for interview


16 - 19 April 2024

  • Along with the ASEAN Foundation team, become one of the interviews panellists to assess the shortlisted social enterprises


22 – 26 April 2024

  • Along with the ASEAN Foundation team, select 30 social enterprises that will join the programme.
  • Consultant to submit a report on participant selection process and criteria, including the demography of 30 social enterprises
  • Consultant to develop need assessment for 30 selected SEs


29 April 2024

  • AF to disseminate need assessment


6 – 8 May 2024


13 – 14 May 2024

  • Finish the first draft of curriculum framework for ASEAN SEDP 3.0. (based on need assessment) and the list of potential trainers Based on need assessment, pair social enterprises with TikTok and SAP mentors

  • Reach out to potential trainers
  • AF to provide input for the first draft and list of potential trainers.



 17 May 2024

  • Revision of first draft (if any)
  • Reach out to additional potential trainers based on the input from AF


20 – 26 May 2024

  • Trainers to develop the training module.
  • Consultant to review the first draft of training module.
  • Consultant to design and structure the training, mentoring, and Demo Day
  • Consultant to develop the pre-test and post-test for training and mentoring


27 – 31 May 2024

  • Revision second draft of training module (if any)


3 June 2024

  • Consultant to compile the training module
  • Consultant to submit a report on curriculum development and trainers selection


4 – 11 June 2024

  • Consultant to recommend names of investors for Demo Day and Business Matchmaking


12 – 28 June 2024

  • Consultant to reach out to investors for Demo Day and Business Matchmaking (upon approval from the ASEAN Foundation team)


3 June – 31 July 2024

  • Online training


1 June 2024 – 31 January 2025

  • Monitor Mentoring with TikTok and SAP mentors


31 January 2025

  • Consultant to submit a final report on selection of judges and investors as well as mentoring result, including evaluation and recommendation to improve ASEAN SEDP 4.0




  • Experience in developing curricula for social enterprises, preferably in ASEAN countries
  • Experience in impact measurement
  • Experience in working with international or regional organisations
  • Experience in working in ASEAN context
  • Experience in working with young people and incorporate participatory methods of young people in the programme delivery.
  • Has diverse networks of social entrepreneurs, trainers, mentors, investors in Southeast Asian countries
  • Demonstrate the ability to work under a tight schedule and deliver timely and high-quality materials
  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a team
  • Flexible in revision and accommodating inputs
  • Familiar with video conferencing platform (Ms Teams and/or Zoom) to coordinate with the ASEAN Foundation team
  • Flexible in working in multi-stakeholder setting and experience in working in cross-cultural working environments


  • Experience in conducting similar training and mentoring programme for social enterprises
  • Experience in consultancy work
  • Gender-sensitive: Demonstrate experience in working with female social entrepreneurs and expertise in developing curriculum suitable to their needs
  • Has diverse networks of policymakers in Southeast Asian countries


A lump sum quotation is required, including fees for delivering all the required services, fees of trainers and Demo Day judges. The price written in the proposal should indicate a “lump sum amount” which is “all inclusive” for the tasks and deliverables specified in the Terms of Reference. Payment will be linked to deliverables.

Please send an application which consists of:

  1. Consultant profile outlining: (1) areas of expertise (with samples of relevant works), (2) networks of social entrepreneurs, mentors, trainers, investors, policymakers in Southeast Asia that would benefit the ASEAN SEDP 3.0, (3) CV of all team members that will be involved in the consultancy and their roles in the consultancy
  2. A technical proposal (5-10 pages) on the ways to disseminate call for applications (participant scouting) and learning methodology and curriculum structure, i.e. a list of lessons/materials for the training. The technical proposal should also: (1) explain why you propose such lessons/materials, and (2) include a list of potential trainers and mentors for each lesson/material, and a short bio of each trainer/mentor
  3. A lump sum financial quote (in US Dollar) that includes all expected costs and fees of trainers’ and Demo Day judges for the consultancy period

Please submit the application documents by 10 December 2023  (23.59 Jakarta time) with email subject “ASEAN SEDP 3.0 Consultant” to [email protected] and cc [email protected] and [email protected]

Any enquiries can be addressed to [email protected].

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