18 February, 2021 4:48 PM

Entering the Realm of Social Journalism

Media literacy and critical thinking become essential tools today to combatting the rise of misinformation and fake news.

Through the ASEAN Youth Social Journalism (AYSJ) contest, youths have the opportunity to learn journalism. Besides practising how to detect fake news, they also learn how to effectively deliver a message through social media, and drive positive changes to their community, as Vichny Chanchem, participant of AYSJ 2019 shares us below.

AYSJ is one of the most exciting and adventurous workshops I have experienced abroad. During the four days of training, I explored an entirely new field of study for me. As a Political Science and International Relations student, Media and Journalism is a different field that requires different sets of skills from what I have obtained in my University. The workshop brought me to the realm of journalism and provided me with the opportunity to learn about how to effectively deliver messages, petition, and campaign through social media to strive for changes and make difference. I was also able to learn about content writing for social media, how to detect fake news, and filming as well.  

Besides the training, I also experienced the culture, food, and livelihood of the people in Brunei Darussalam with other participants. I was amazed by the culture and the scenery in Brunei Darussalam because it is very different from my motherland (Cambodia) in terms of culture and religion. More importantly, the workshop gave me the chance to make new friends from different countries. My new colleagues and I also shared different perspectives about many issues in the region amongst each other. As for this year’s theme on “The Importance of ASEAN Youth at the Forefront of Efforts to Combat the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Pandemic”, AYSJ is a rare opportunity that you should not miss if you want to take part in solving the problems caused by the pandemic! 

Got an idea that can help the community? Join ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest 2021 and share us your essay and campaign idea! 

This contest is open to ASEAN youths. Make a team of 2 and submit your idea before 14 February 2021 at this link.

Top 20 selected teams will participate in a virtual social journalism workshop to finetune their strategy plan, and receive a USD 200 stipend to support the implementation of their campaign. The best performers will be awarded USD 1,000 for the first winner, USD 750 for the second winner and USD 500 for the third winner to maximise the reach of their campaign! 

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