Three decades after ASEAN was established, ASEAN leaders recognised that: there remained inadequate shared prosperity, ASEAN awareness and contact among the people of ASEAN. It was of this concern that ASEAN leaders established ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia, at ASEAN's 30th Anniversary Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 15 December 1997. 

The ASEAN Foundation is an organisation from and for the people of ASEAN. The Foundation exists because of one vision: to build a cohesive and prosperous ASEAN Community. As an ASEAN body, the Foundation is tasked to support ASEAN mainly in promoting awareness, identity, interaction, and development of the people of ASEAN. For more information, visit: https://aseanfoundation.org 


The ASEAN DLP has been working to deliver five key activities which include capacity building (Training for Trainers or ToT and end-beneficiaries training), ASEAN Youth Advisory Group, awareness raising campaign, research development on digital literacy in the regional scope, and developing the e-learning platform. Nearing the completion of the Programme, all of the key activities has collected massive success stories, best practices and improved expertise which becomes a wealth of knowledge and lesson learned in implementing digital literacy programme worthy to be shared and exchanged with each other, and also with wider public. 

The Summit will bring together local implementing partners (CSOs), Master Trainers with best achievement from each local partner, members of Youth Advisory Group, and Mentors for the Youth Advisory Group to meet and engage each other and with the representatives of ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN entities and also the Board of Trustees for the ASEAN Foundation. 


In preparation to host the Summit, the ASEAN Foundation need to work with a reliable Event Organiser to support with services for the event of ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme (ASEAN DLP) Summit from 13 to 17 November 2023.  

The Summit will celebrate achievements and impact in assembly sessions, deep dive into discussions and knowledge exchange in focus group discussions, enable individual as well as group networking and become a melting pot to strengthen the participants as One ASEAN Community. 


The event will invite the followings: 

  1. ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Entities as speakers and specialist to seek possibility of future policy recommendations in improving digital literacy across the ASEAN 
  2. CSO representatives from all ASEAM Member States, consists of 17 organisations who were involved as implementing partners for the capacity building activities in 10 AMS. 
  3. Members of Youth Advisory Group (YAG) who led national campaign on digital literacy in their respective home countries. 
  4. Mentors for the Youth Advisory Group who helped the YAG members in planning and preparing their campaigns. 
  5. Master Trainers (MTs) with best achievement from each local implementing partners, to share their success stories and voice their aspiration for the sustainability of programme. 
  6. Specialists in digital literacy to share knowledge and host masterclasses for the CSO, YAG and MTs. 
  7. Researcher and e-learning platform consultants to present their work to the attending audience, getting feedback and inputs from the very own active participants and implementers of the programme. 
  8. Relevant staff from the ASEAN Foundation, including but not limited to the Executive Director, Head of Units (Programme, Communications and Operations), ASEAN DLP team and other supporting teams, to lead, moderate and note key take aways from all sessions. 


The ASEAN DLP Summit will run onsite. All participants and stakeholders will fly to Bali, Indonesia, to attend the Summit. 






Speakers / Facilitator 

13 Nov 2023 

All day 

Arrival of Participants 




14 Nov 2023 

All day 

Arrival of VIP Guests 




07.30 – 08.00 

Morning exercise (optional): 

  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 
  • Water gym  

Outdoor activity 

In house instructor 

09.00 – 10.00 

Summit opening 


Roundtable session 

ASEAN Foundation and Google.org 

10.00 – 11.00 

Country session 1 



Networking over coffee break 


11.00 – 12.30 

Masterclass 1 

Breakout sessions 


12.30 – 13.30 

Lunch and prayer break 



13.30 – 15.30 



Semi outdoor activity 


15.30 – 16.30 

High tea/coffee break 



16.30 – 18.00 

Preparation for dinner 


Optional activity 


In house instructor 

18.00 – 19.30 

Dinner and cultural performance 



15 Nov 2023 

09.00 – 11.00 

Grand Assembly 


Theatre format in ballroom 


11.00 – 12.30 

Country session 2 

Networking style over coffee break 


12.30 – 14.00 

Lunch and prayer break 



14.00 – 16.00 

Policy Dialogue for ASEAN Sectoral bodies, ASEAN Foundation, Google.org and relevant stakeholders 

Theatre format in ballroom 


16.00 – 17.00 

High tea/coffee break 



17.00 – 18.30 

Preparation for dinner 


Outdoor activity 

In house instructor 

18.30 – 20.00 

Dinner and award night 

incl. cultural performance 


Guest speaker 

Award night 

Live music/dancer 

16 Nov 2023 

07.30 – 08.00 

Morning exercise (optional): 

  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 
  • Water gym 

Outdoor activity 

In house instructor 

09.00 – 15.00 

Excursion (field trip to 2 destinations) 

  • Local winery 
  • Coffee plantation at Tegalalang 


Agri-tour around plantation, lunch, wine/coffee tasting, meet & greet with farmers/MSME partners 

Outdoor activity 


17 Nov 2023 

All day 

Participants departure to home country 



*This agenda will be updated as required/advised by relevant stakeholders  

Side events from 14 – 15 November 2023: 

  • Virtual exhibition 
  • Content production – for publication on social media 
  • Media engagement 
  • E-learning platform launch and demo day 


Under the guidance of the Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation, the Project Manager of the ASEAN DLP will supervise the EO in close coordination and consultation with Head of Programme and Head of Operations, the vendor will undertake the following assignment: 


  • Prepare and coordinate with ASEAN DLP team related to all the logistics (collateral and merchandise) including shipment and distribution to participants 
  • Coordinate with hotel vendor to make sure all hotel facilities, meeting arrangements (stationery, equipment and coffee breaks), decorations  
  • Provide professional photo and videographer for full event documentation purpose with close coordination with ASEAN DLP team 
  • Provide LED backdrop and video consultant for the main event recording 
  • Provide rapporteur and ushers for the event (1 rapporteur per country) 
  • Prepare all needed administration things such as invoices for third party vendors, attendance list for every activity 
  • Arrange the briefing for Facilitators of country dialogue and dry run for Grand Assembly 
  • Arrange the photo booth 

During the event 

  • Do final check to ensure logistics and meals are well-prepared before all the events started 
  • Organise all the events during the summit including the summit opening, master classes, grand assembly session, country and policy dialogue, 2x dinner, workshop and fieldtrip according to ASEAN Foundation’s requirements and standards  
  • Coordinate and arrange with vendors for workshop and field trip 
  • Coordinate with e-learning platform consultant and help them organise the launching and side event (demo day) 
  • Arrange photo session for all activities in closed coordination with ASEAN Foundation Communications Team 
  • Ensure smooth implementation of all activities in the Summit 

Post event 

  • Prepare and submit all the attendance list and supporting administration documents 
  • Submit photo and video documentation including video highlight of the Summit 
  • Arrange for shipment of Collaterals and merchandise back to AF office (if needed) 

Detailed requirement of the services is available in the Request for Quotation in Annex 1. 


The payment will be disbursed in the two tranches as follow: 
1. 30% after the Signing of Agreement as Down Payment. 
2. 70% after all services are completed 


All information pertaining to this assignment belong to the ASEAN Foundation. Meanwhile, duties under this assignment shall remain the property of the ASEAN Foundation and Google.org who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of the ASEAN Foundation in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable. 


The EO should have: 

  • Working experience with philanthropies’ programmes 
  • Strong expertise in organising regional and international events, not limited to meeting, conference, cultural performance, and team building activities 
  • Sufficient human resources to organise and manage the event, including and not limited to coordinating with third party vendors, attendees and stakeholders, including VIP level 


The interested vendor is required to submit a proposal and team personnel CV/profiles outlining relevant experience (portfolio), Request for Quotation (download here) and proposed fee to [email protected]  CC [email protected] and [email protected]  
by 31 July 2023. 


All inquiries pertaining to this application are addressed to [email protected] and [email protected] 

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