Hackathon Guideline


Below is the requirement that participants should be aware of. 

  1. The expected outcome from the hackathon is an application that can be accessed either through a web browser or an iOS/Android mobile application.
  2. The application is optional to be available in App Store, Play Store, or deployed to a server, but at least it should work on the demo devices during the presentation.
  3. The app should be a working prototype that can be proven as a solution to the challenge. It’s not only a design, mockup, animation, or slide.
  4. The committee has a right to validate the app's functionality by looking into the source code of the app.
  5. The app can be built with any tools, library, or technology stacks, but it is not a ready-to-use or pre-made app. The functionality should be coded during the hackathon.
  6. The committee will provide some datasets and API references to help and support the participants, but it’s allowed to use other datasets or APIs.


Judging process

The participant will be pitching in front of the judges in two phases:

  1. In the group phase, the 18 teams will be split into 3 groups with 6 teams per group, and they will pitch in parallel with other groups to separate groups of judges.
  2. In the final phase, only the top 2 teams from each group will join as finalists, and it will pitch again to a group of judges.


The group of judges for both the group phase and final will be representative of:

  1. Domain expert
  2. Hackathon stakeholders
  3. Technical expert
  4. Entrepreneur (optional)
  5. Media (optional)


At least there will be 3 groups of judges with the composition above to be able to run the group pitch in parallel.

The pitch will be done in 5 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A per team. It will be the same duration for both phases. The time estimation for the group and final pitch is following:

  • Group phase: 6 x 10 minutes = 60 minutes
    • 5 minutes presentation
    • 3 minutes Q&A
    • 2 minutes a transition between team
  • Group phase judges discussion & break: 30 minutes
  • Final phase same as the group phase: 6 x 10 minutes = 60 minutes
  • Final phase judges discussion: 30 minutes
  • Winner announcement: 10 minutes

The estimated total time required is 190 minutes or 3 hours 10 minutes.

The judging criteria will be based on the questions below. The judges will assess each team based on the question below from their perspective and background.  

  1. Can the solution solve the challenge?
  2. How complex technically is the app to build
  3. How unique is the solution
  4. How complete of the app 
  5. How good is the usability (clear user interface/easy to use)

The scoring for each judging criteria will be using a 1-10 scale based on these guidelines:

  • 1-2 not match expectation
  • 3-4 match expectation but can be better
  • 5-6 match expectation 
  • 7-8 exceed expectation
  • 9-10 outstanding

The participant score is not a final decision. The judges can discuss and use the score as a reference to decide the winners.


To help the participants understand the challenge better, the committee will organize the following:

  1. Expert presentation and discussion
    This session will run with all participants, where the expert will explain more about the challenge and the existing solution out there and what the participants might be able to improve during this hackathon.
  2. Mentoring
    Each time will have a dedicated time to discuss with a mentor. The mentor could be a domain expert or technical expert. Each session will be a maximum of 20 minutes


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