30 May, 2022 3:55 PM

How Art Help Dealing With the Past, Present, and the Uncertain Future

Art has been used as a media of communication and expression for a long time ago. Nowadays, modern art is used as a popular therapy tool around the world!


Earlier this year, we joined hands with ASEAN Culture House to bring the KONNECT ASEAN Contemporary Print Show: ARISE exhibition in Busan to explore printmaking techniques as therapy.

This exhibition, the first collaboration between the ASEAN Foundation and ASEAN Culture House, assembles artworks by young artists from ASEAN nations and Korea to explore the idea of trauma, healing, and collective identity.

Learn more and discover the full collection in this catalogue.

The exhibition focused primarily on printmaking and works on paper, practices steeped in tradition across ASEAN nations and Korea, the medium is reimagined by these artists for contemporary audiences. 

The artwork featured in Arise embraces a wide range of emotions coming from either the collective or personal memories of each artist. In capturing the results of historical conflicts in the ASEAN region, the artists demonstrate that whereas history is recorded and remembered, trauma can fade away, like delicate paper, and be dealt with. Altogether, the collective interest and concerns of today’s society are illustrated, alongside various coping strategies.

Through the KONNECT ASEAN Contemporary Print Show: Arise exhibition, it is hoped that audiences can see how traumas gradually arise and soften from the dark to the light, fostering a sense of connectivity between ASEAN-ROK by sharing transnational understanding.

Learn more in this press release.

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