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Chiang Mai Print Residency for Korean artists


KONNECT ASEAN will support five (5) contemporary print artists from the Republic of Korea to take part in a print residency programme in Chiang Mai, Thailand for one (1) month in July 2023. This programme aims to provide arts and cultural opportunities for the ASEAN and Korean print artist community by providing access to print studios, exhibition space, public programmes, and other promotional activities for print artists while they work in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Under this programme, a total of fifteen (15) artists will be chosen to represent the Republic of Korea and ASEAN and expected to produce one print edition each over a one-month period to be donated to the permanent ASEAN Collection (Jakarta), the ASEAN Culture Centre (Bangkok), and ASEAN Culture House (Busan). This programme is designed to explore Korea and ASEAN identities and deepen mutual understanding across diverse global cultures.

Artists are expected to create works in an open studio format and participate in activities and events as requested.



Artists will be required to provide the following:

  • Current Artist CV (CV should clearly state the artist’s name, address, email, phone number, nationality, and art related activities in which you have participated, including exhibitions, art talks, performances, etc. The CV should also include a short artist’s bio.)
  • Proposal of 200 to 300 words stating the artist’s intent while participating in the ASEAN Artists Residency, addressing specifically the deepening of mutual understanding across Korean and ASEAN cultures and the exploration of an ASEAN identity
  • Digital file of artwork portfolio (no larger than 10 MB)


  • Artists who are recognised to have sufficient experience in presenting their artwork in this context
  • Artists must be based in and hold nationality from the Republic of Korea
  • Artists must have sufficient proficiency in English to communicate and to carry out the proposed project
  • Artists must be in good health and do not require any special medical attention. Artists with disabilities are welcome to apply.
  • Artists should have a university degree in visual arts and be less than 40 years old.


During the residency programme, ASEAN will provide the following support:

  • 1-month accommodation
  • Return airfare and travel costs
  • Artwork production costs (USD 1,200 administered by print studios)
  • 1-month stipend
  • Studio space
  • Presentation of artwork in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Busan, and Jakarta


A network of print studios will facilitate the production of print works, assisting with sourcing of materials, production, and artwork logistics within Chiang Mai. The studios include: CAP Studio - Chiangmai Art on Paper, Cha-Mai Home Studio, Detales Studio, Halo Printmaking Studio, Jojo Kobe Art Gallery, Mezz Press, and Prawin Print Studio.

The print studios will also act as advisors before the artists arrive and during their stay in Chiang Mai, assisting the artists to conceptualise their artworks and respond the local environment.


Paper will be provided by master papermaker Supan Promsen, whose factory in Lampang Province produces handmade mulberry and bamboo fibre paper for an international market.



Artists will be required to work with paper 70 x 100 cm in size. In principle, KONNECT ASEAN accepts no family members or assistants to accompany the artist. The artist is required, in principle, not to return to home country unless in emergency situation or to visit other countries during the period of the residency.

NOTE: at the conclusion of the residency completed artworks will be entered into the collections of ASEAN (Jakarta), ASEAN Cultural Centre (Bangkok), and ASEAN Culture House (Busan)

Other requirements are as follows:

  • Slide presentation/floor talk/panel discussion about artistic practice
  • Participation in workshops
  • Conducting tours/discussions for visiting VIPs, art and community groups, and ASEC staff in studio
  • Visits to community groups, remote villages, and schools
  • Attendance to events or functions


Before the commencement of the residency, a group orientation session will be conducted by KONNECT ASEAN, SOMCA Thailand representatives, and Chiang Mai print studio owners to outline the expectations of the artists while they are in residence.

An Artist Residency and Art Acquisition Agreement will be signed by the selected artists and KONNECT ASEAN, which will be based on the submitted proposal.



Benjamin Milton Hampe, Project Director | KONNECT ASEAN, ASEAN Foundation

Hongchul Byun, Director, Graywall

Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, Founder, CAP Studio - Chiang Mai Art on Paper

Yeji Shin, Senior Programme Officer / Curator, Performing Arts and Exhibition Department, ASEAN Culture House, Korea Foundation



Please submit your application here by 28 February 2023 at 23:59 (GMT+7) 

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