Module Developer and Website Developer for ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme

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Title Module Developer and Website Developer
Directly Report to Project Specialist for ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme
Term of Employment This position is a consultancy based for a period of eleven months starting
from 1 April 2022 – 31 December 2022.



Three decades after ASEAN was established, ASEAN Leaders recognised that: there remained inadequate shared prosperity, ASEAN awareness and contact among people of ASEAN. It was of this concern that ASEAN Leaders established the ASEAN Foundation during ASEAN’s 30th Anniversary Commemorative Summit in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia on 15 December 1997.

After its establishment, the ASEAN Foundation has been tasked to support ASEAN’s community building efforts by promoting greater awareness of the ASEAN identity, human resource development, people-to-people interaction, and close collaboration among the business sector, civil society, academia and other stakeholders in ASEAN. We continue to complement ASEAN priorities. To date, we work to strengthen the ASEAN Community by having more digital skills and employability programmes.

In this regard, the ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme, in partnership with Microsoft, was conceived to enhance the capacities of five hundred sixty (560) ASEAN teachers, nonprofit trainers, facilitators, educators, youth job seekers, and fresh graduates as trainers across Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam to build a digital ecosystem for the ASEAN Community on Cybersecurity.

Through this project, ASEAN teachers, non-profit trainers, facilitators, educators, youth job seekers, and fresh graduates ASEAN will be empowered through training to deliver cybersecurity knowledge and information to 30,000 end beneficiaries across ASEAN.


The Consultant will develop the module/toolkit consisting of workshops and webinars. This module will be embedded into the Future Ready ASEAN Platform ( and will be used to train the target group of the programme, such as teachers, non-profit trainers, facilitators, educators, youth job seekers, and fresh graduates. Furthermore, the module will be titled “Introduction to Cybersecurity” and will leverage Microsoft’s resources. Through this module, participants will learn how Microsoft supports data recovery, classification, and protection as part of a Cybersecurity solution.

Afterwards, the Consultant will embed the said module and develop the Cybersecurity training feature in the Future Ready Asean Platform ( The Consultant is expected to collaborate with the Master Trainer for this programme and leverage the latter’s expertise of Cybersecurity.

The post is based at the ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia but the Consultant will be working full-time remotely.

The ASEAN Foundation is looking for someone who has expertise in the field of module & website development.


Develop and maintain effective, collaborative relationships with the following:

Internal (within post)

  • Head of Programme
  • Project Specialist for the ASEAN Development Programme for Cybersecurity External (outside post)

External (outside post)

  • Main contacts of Microsoft for the ASEAN Development Programme for Cybersecurity with ASEAN Foundation


Under the guidance of the Head of Programme of the ASEAN Foundation, the Project Specialist for ASEAN Capacity Development for Cybersecurity Programme will supervise the Training Consultant and Module Developer. He/she will undertake the following assignments:


No. Output Deliverables Timeline Remarks
1 Module/toolkit
for training
First draft of module/toolkit 15 April 2022 Revisions might be required; thus it is advised that the first draft be submitted by
15 April 2022
2 Dummy
First dummy platform of Cybersecurity training 29 April 2022 Revisions might be required depending on the approval of the module; thus, it is
advised that the first dummy be submitted by 29th of April 2022
3 Module
translated into 7
local languages (Tagalog, Bahasa
Indonesia, Thai, Khmer, Malaysia, Vietnamese)
First draft of translated module/toolkit 29 April 2022 The translation will be based on the first draft submitted. Revisions might be required prior to finalising the module.  
4 Final Module/toolkit
for training participants

Final Module

Module translated into 7 local languages (Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Khmer, Malay, and Vietnamese)

13 May 2022 The Final Module, with its translation to 7 languages shall be uploaded to the Future Ready ASEAN Platform
5 Dummy platform Final dummy platform of Cybersecurity training 13 May 2022 Final date of launching may change
6 Final training material launched in the
Launching of the Cybersecurity Module at the Future Ready ASEAN Website 23 May 2022 Final date of launching may change
7 Improved website (maintain and
enhance the quality platform)
Update report of all the enhancement done to the website 1 May to 31 December 2022 During this period, the
consultant is expected to maintain and enhance the information, visual, and information design, content creation, ensure the
performance, quality and responsiveness of platform and identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs
8 Final changes made to the website Final narrative report 20 December 2022 Final report related to web development and the process, including the traffic of the platform


The duration of consultancy will be from 1 April to 31 December 2022 and can be done remotely.


All information pertaining to this assignment belongs to the ASEAN Foundation, with which the consultant may come into contact with the performance of his/her duties under his/her assignment shall remain the property of the ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever manner without written permission of the ASEAN Foundation in line with the national and international Copyright Laws applicable.


Education and Experience

  • A bachelor’s degree in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), Computer Science (CS) or any
    related studies
  • At least 5 years of working experience (including internship experience) in relevant field
  • Experience in developing modules
  • Experience in providing web developing and/or web designing services


  • Exposure to Microsoft’s Cybersecurity resources through formal education or through training and courses

Technical Skills

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skill
  • Excellent communication skills, responding to user needs in a prompt, courteous manner
  • Strong attention to details
  • Proficient in writing in English


A lump sum fees will be provided commensurate with the qualification and experience


All interested applicants are required to submit CV, Portfolio specifically outlining their relevant experience developing learning module and website AND price proposal application by 21 March 2022 to [email protected], with CC to [email protected] and [email protected], with the subject: [MODULE/WEBSITE DEVELOPER] - ASEAN CYBERSECURITY SKILLING PROGRAMME.

All inquiries pertaining to this application is addressed to [email protected]

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