28 April, 2021 3:43 PM

Thinking of You(th)

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ASEAN Foundation, seek to maximize the potential of digital technology and be more connected with youth, because we are “Thinking of You(th)”! 

We proudly present a newly podcast channel to provide youth with a platform to exchange and grasp ideas, experience, and knowledge through interesting topics with the context of Southeast Asia. We will invite insightful guests from ASEAN and beyond to share their experience and knowledge. We will explore all the opportunities the region has to offer and discuss on current trend. 

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Episode 2

Let us introduce three of our interns as the speaker of our second podcast “Sharing Our Virtual Internship Experiences,” they are Luke Teoh, Pyi Nyein Aung (Tiger), and Striratna Nityahayu (Tita). In this podcast, they will talk in-depth about what it is like to do a virtual internship at ASEAN Foundation, starting from the application procedure to their daily activities. Learn more from their experience and discussion!

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Episode 1

In this first episode, we talk about ASEAN Youth with our honorable Executive Director, Dr. Yang Mee Eng. Together with two of our interns, Jonny Jong and Steven Truong, that will be hosting this interactive discussion, Dr. Yang will share her journey. She also will inspire us with insights on opportunities and challenges youth might face.

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Let us get to know each other more through our very first episode of “Thinking of You(th)” podcast. Two of our interns, Jonny Jong and Steven Truong, will be hosting the discussion and introducing ASEAN Foundation to you all.

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