28 April, 2021 3:43 PM

Thinking of You(th)

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ASEAN Foundation, seek to maximize the potential of digital technology and be more connected with youth, because we are “Thinking of You(th)”! 

We proudly present a newly podcast channel to provide youth with a platform to exchange and grasp ideas, experience, and knowledge through interesting topics with the context of Southeast Asia. We will invite insightful guests from ASEAN and beyond to share their experience and knowledge. We will explore all the opportunities the region has to offer and discuss on current trend. 

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Episode 3

Mental health has long been a concern among the youth, and sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased feelings of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.

In this episode, we talk about taking care of our mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic with our guests, Eksalack "Peun" Oudomsouk and Dr. Chantharavady Choulamany from Wecare—a social enterprise from Lao PDR devoted to elevating the lives of people living with mental illness.

Listen with our host, Nattaya Kay S. Jaratruangsaeng (Nat), and learn about how we can care not only for our own mental health, but also for that of our loved ones. Remember: you are not alone. We are always thinking of you.

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Episode 2

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an intern with us?

If you are looking to build your career, upgrade your skills, or improve yourself with the ASEAN Foundation, the second episode of “Thinking of You(th)” has got you covered!

Listen to three of our interns—Luke Teoh, Pyi Nyein Aung (Tiger), and Striratna Nityahayu (Tita)—as they discuss the ins and outs of our Virtual Internship Programme. Consider their advice, watch out for their tips, and learn more about what our Internship Programme can do for you!

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Episode 1

What is ASEAN Foundation? How can I get involved with ASEAN? What can I do in this time of the pandemic?

Our Executive Director, Dr. Yang Mee Eng, answers all these questions and more in the first episode of “Thinking of You(th)”.

Sit down with Jonny and Steven as they listen to Dr. Yang’s sage advice about the challenges, opportunities, hopes, and aspirations of ASEAN youth both during and beyond the pandemic.

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We in the ASEAN Foundation notice that the youth long for connection, especially now more than ever in this time of isolation and social distancing. We want to fill that gap with a virtual platform for young people to connect and share ideas from all around Southeast Asia!

Topics will range from arts and culture, environmental issues, social volunteerism, data science, skills development, personal, physical, and mental health, and many more—all from the perspective of ASEAN youth! Join us in this podcast series to learn, to connect, and to be reminded that we are always “Thinking of You(th)”!

This is Episode 0 where your hosts, Jonny and Steven, will introduce themselves and what “Thinking of You(th)” is all about.

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