Training Consultant for Regional Workshop of eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN: Cohort 4




Capacity Building Workshop Consultant  



Direct Report 

Project Coordinator 

Term of Employment 

This is a limited, non-ongoing, consultancy position for a total period of 6 months (consecutive) starting from March to August 2024, after which the position will be evaluated subject to the organisation’s needs and regular performance review. 




Three decades after ASEAN was established, ASEAN leaders recognised that: there remained inadequate shared prosperity, ASEAN awareness and contact among people of ASEAN. It was of this concern that ASEAN leaders established the ASEAN Foundation during ASEAN’s 30th Anniversary Summit in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 15 December 1997. The ASEAN Foundation is an organisation from and for the people of ASEAN and exists because of one vision: to build a cohesive and prosperous ASEAN Community. As an ASEAN’s body, the Foundation is tasked to support ASEAN mainly in promoting awareness, identity, interaction and development of the people of ASEAN. For more information, visit: 



The eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN (EYAA)—launched in conjunction with the ASEAN Day on 8 August 2018—is a collaborative programme by the ASEAN Foundation and Maybank Foundation dedicated to empowering youth and communities across the region. The programme provides an experiential and educative learning platform for youth through social volunteerism. They collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds to implement their ideas and advocate solutions to grounded issues in local communities across ASEAN. They delve into an impactful journey to make a tangible, meaningful change among target communities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Since 2018, the programme has had three cohorts, empowered 283 Youth Volunteers (YV), collaborated with 30 Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and Social Enterprises (SE), and directly impacted 108,175 community members across ASEAN. Learn more at  



Prior to the programme orientation and onsite project implementation, the ASEAN Foundation will run a virtual capacity-building workshop to enhance the skills and knowledge of the youths and CSO/SE partners in project management, volunteering and sustainable development. In addition, the virtual capacity-building workshop will guide the Youth Volunteers (YV) and their assigned CSO/SE partners in developing and enhancing the community project proposal that the CSO/SE partners submit as part of their application to the programme. Thus, the ASEAN Foundation is seeking a consultant (i.e., either individual, in the group or organisation) to develop necessary training materials, facilitate a virtual capacity-building workshop, assist with the enhancement of their community project proposals, and assist the participants in going through the lessons they learn throughout the community project. 


For around a four-week span, possibly in June to July 2024, the consultant will facilitate an online workshop to guide the CSO/SE and YV to work together in several materials as specified in the output table. 


The virtual capacity building will be held by running two sessions per week within four weeks. In addition, the workshop will utilise a specific platform where the participants can download and review all the learning materials and submit their proposal/work.   



The following are the objectives of the recruitment of the consultant: 

  1. To equip the Youth Volunteers with project management and volunteering skills, and 
  1. To Facilitate the development of high-quality community project documents by youth and CSO/SE partners to be effectively implemented in 10 community sites across 6 ASEAN Member States (AMSs). 



The workshop will be participated by ten CSO/SE representatives and 100 YVs. They are divided into ten groups—Each consists of one CSO/SE and 10 YVs, who will design and implement one project in one site in ASEAN member states. 








Training Module 

  • One training module consisting of the followings: 
  • Proposal Development 
  • Project Management 
  • Financial Management 
  • Impact Measurement 
  • Reporting 
  • Volunteering  
  • March to May 2024 


Capacity Building Training (Virtual) 

  • Three-week virtual training and mentoring in June/July (Twice a Week) 
  • One-day onsite training in Bangkok in July/August (Tentative) 
  • Training report, which includes pre and post survey results 
  • Virtual Training: June/July 2024 
  • Onsite Training: July/August 2024 
  • Report August 2024 


Facilitation of One Day Training in Bangkok (Onsite) – 1 Person 

  • 1 to 2 person from the consulting firm/1 person from the individual consultant to fly to Bangkok to facilitate one-day training. The budget proposal shall include the flight and accommodation cost in Bangkok for the consultant 
  • July 2024 

*These outputs and timeline are subject to change, which will be further discussed by the ASEAN Foundation and the consultant. 







Application and Quotation Submission 

5 to 12 February 2024 


Review and Selection Process  

12 to 29 February 2024 


Announcement and Consultant On-Board 

1 March 2024 


Revised Work Plan Submission 

10 March 2024 


Module Development 

11 to 31 March 2024 


First Draft Module Submission 

1 April 2024 


First Draft Module Review by AF 

1 to 21 April 2024 


Revision of Module + PPTX Development 

22 April to 5 May 2024 


Final Module Submission + First Draft PPTX Submission 

5 May 2024 


Review and revision where needed 

5 to 30 May 2024 


Training Delivery (2 modules per week for 4 weeks), Including Pre and Post Survey 

10 June to 5 July 2024 


Facilitation of Onsite Training in Bangkok (TBC) 

End of July/Early August 2024 


Training Report Submission by Consultant 

31 August 2024 

*Please note that this timeline is subject to change depending on the progress of each phase and will be updated regularly. By applying for the work, you agree to adjust the timeline/work plan accordingly when it is necessary and requested by the ASEAN Foundation. 



The consultant may propose the training method, which will be delivered virtually. Meanwhile, the facilitation of onsite training will be delivered in Bangkok, Thailand. 



A budget plan of up to USD 20,000 shall be submitted to ASEAN Foundation. The agreed-upon budget will be provided commensurate with the qualification and experience. The disbursement of the payment will be discussed upon contract signing between the consultant and the ASEAN Foundation. 



  1. Experience in working with International Organisation 
  2. Are based in the ASEAN region 
  3. Are not affiliated with any political parties 



Please send your consultancy service proposal consisting of a minimum of the followings: 

  1. Background and Objectives 
  2. Company/Consulting Firm Profile 
  3. Portfolio 
  4. Methodology and Syllabus/Lesson Plan 
  5. Timeline/Workplan 
  6. Budget and Manpower Planning 
  7. Personnel Profiles 


Please submit your application by 13 February 2024 at 23:59 (GMT+7) with email subject “Regional Capacity Building Workshop Consultant - eMpowering Youths Cohort 4” to [email protected] and cc to [email protected] and [email protected]  

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