Reporting ASEAN

The ASEAN Foundation has provided past support to the Reporting ASEAN media programme, an independent capacity-building programme that focuses on the building of storytelling and analytical skills by journalists in ASEAN countries around issues relating to ASEAN regionalism and related issues.


Before the fellowship I can't think of an ASEAN story angle that goes beyond the meetings and official documents. I thought it would be impossible to write story based on ordinary people's perspective. I also thought asking random people on the street about ASEAN would not make a good story. I was surprised how it turned out. While they don't understand what's being discussed during ASEAN meetings, talking to street vendors, for example, will make you realize there's an ASEAN story from the ground that's often overlooked.”


Daniel Abunales
Contributor to the “Vera Files” news website


Started in 2014 by its Bangkok-based editor-founder, Johanna Son, who has covered ASEAN and Southeast Asian/international issues for three decades and trains journalists in the region, it has been hosted by the Philippines-based Probe Media Foundation Inc since 2016. The Reporting ASEAN has a website and feature series, a media fellowship programme, and organizes the Reporting ASEAN media forums. The programme's founding partner was the Rockefeller Foundation.

ASEAN Foundation partnered with Reporting ASEAN in 2015 – 2016, and was a co-supporter of the 2017 Reporting ASEAN media forum. For more information, please visit


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