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ASEAN-China Young Leaders’ Summit 2021 Applications are Now Open!

The summit promises an authentic experience to understand ASEAN affairs and “Commemorating 30 years of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations: Strengthening Strategic Partnerships for the Next Decade and Beyond”.


The ASEAN Foundation and Peking University is pleased to organise the ASEAN-China Young Leaders’ Summit for 2021. The summit target tertiary education students from across ASEAN and China to understand diplomacy as well as decision-making of ASEAN Member States in addressing regional issues through various high-level ASEAN meeting simulations.

Click HERE (for ASEAN students) and HERE (for Chinese students) if you want to quickly register or continue reading below.

The summit will involve the simulation of the ASEAN+1 engagement which addresses the thematic focus of “Commemorating 30 years of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations: Strengthening Strategic Partnerships for the Next Decade and Beyond.



The summit promises an authentic experience to understand ASEAN affairs and “Commemorating 30 years of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations: Strengthening Strategic Partnerships for the Next Decade and Beyond”. It will be an interactive process where YOU, the delegates, will role-play various levels of ASEAN official engaging in various levels of meeting simulations. This will definitely be an interesting and delightful experience.


When and Where?

The ASEAN-China Young Leaders Summit will be held virtually from 23-26 September 2021. Other important dates are:

21 July 2021 Call for applications
24 August 2021 Deadline of application submission
18 August– 20 August 2021 Applications assessment and selection
11 & 18 September 2021 Online workshop and coaching for selected delegates
23-26 September 2021* Actual Conference


Interested tertiary educations students would have to follow the eligibility requirements as listed below and register by submitting application documents. Tertiary education students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply!



  • Enrolled as a student of tertiary education institution taking diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate studies from any disciplines at education institutions in the ASEAN Member States and China when the programme takes place.
  • Between 18 and 35 years of age.
  • English proficient, verbal and written.

For ASEAN Students, please register HERE! For your convenience, we strongly suggest that you have all the following information and documents ready at hand before starting data entry.

  1. Personal data
  2. Soft copy of full-face photo (please ensure your file is in JPG or JPEG and does not exceed 500 KBs)
  3. Please Provide Passport/ID that has your face (please ensure your file is in JPG or JPEG format and does not exceed 500 KBs)
  4. Letter of recommendation from respective department/faculty/university/education institution for each person (please ensure that your file is in PDF format and does not exceed 500 KBs). This is written in free format on letterheaded paper signed by an authorised official of your institution verifying: name, department, faculty, and the current semester you are at.
  5. List of five (5) most noteworthy personal achievements (please share not more than 5 achievements briefly and concisely, do not write a CV!)
  6. An individual essay of not more than 800 words (See Annex or click HERE for list of questions)

USEFUL TIP: Before completing the form, firstly put all your files (be mindful of the required specifications!) in one folder for easy access.

In addition to the above requirements, please submit a 1.5-minute creative video introducing yourself, what drives you to participate in the ASEAN-China Young Leaders’ Summit and your passion for developing sustainable strategies!

USEFUL TIP: If your video link is too long, please use Bitly (https:www.bitly.com/), a URL shortening service and link management platform conveniently available online to shorten it. Please do not infringe other parties’ copyrights relating to your video!


What will you get?

  • The Summit will be fully paid for by the organizers.
  • Enables you to understand ASEAN diplomacy and how decision-makers of the ASEAN Member States address regional issues by involving in the authentic simulation exercises.
  • An exciting and unforgettable lifetime experience with us and your peers from other ASEAN Member States and China!
  • A network of young leaders from across the ASEAN region and China.


Time will not wait!

Please submit your application by 24 August 2021! Don’t let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of becoming a cadre of future young leaders! If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected].


*****Only successful applicants will be notified*****

Annex A

Please CHOOSE 1 OUT OF THE 3 QUESTIONS below (either question 1, question 2 OR question 3) and write your response within 800 words. Note that all sub-questions (a, b, c) have to be answered. Ensure that all entries are your original writings and refrain from lifting large excerpts of websites or other works in your entries. Plagiarism will be treated seriously and will affect your application.


  1. In 6 out of 10 ASEAN countries, more than 31 million tons of plastic waste was generated in 2020. The pandemic has resulted in a surge in single-use plastic, resulting in a catastrophe for the environment. In the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, the sudden demand for Personal Protective Equipment and single-use plastic has put a strain on waste disposal systems, threatening biodiversity and marine life, and accelerating climate change.
    1. State how the pandemic has impeded your country’s transition towards sustainable development.
    2. Provide an example of a green initiative that has been rolled out by China and another ASEAN country. Evaluate the sustainability of the initiative in the long run.
    3. Propose suggestions for cooperation between China and ASEAN to ensure that economic development can be achieved through environmentally-sustainable means.

  2. Economic activities came to a halt as countries implemented lockdowns to prevent the escalation of the pandemic. Job losses continue to escalate amidst the pandemic and vulnerable workers like self-employed workers, migrant workers and workers in micro and small enterprises etc. are at risk of losing their livelihoods:
    1. Identify a specific group of vulnerable workers in your country, and state how the pandemic has impacted their livelihood.
    2. Identify measures introduced by China and other ASEAN countries to protect vulnerable workers.
    3. Propose 2 avenues for cooperation between China and ASEAN to ensure that protection provided for vulnerable workers is sustainable even when the pandemic becomes endemic.

  3. One weakness of ASEAN is that the 600 million people who live in Southeast Asia do not feel a sense of ownership of ASEAN.” (Kishore Mahbubani, The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst of Peace).
    1. Comment on the above statement, and provide examples to support your stand.
    2. State your interpretation of an ASEAN identity.
    3. Suggest ways China and ASEAN can collaborate in forging a unique regional identity.

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