11 February, 2020 2:57 PM

Unlock Data Analytics’ Potentials by Getting Out of Comfort Zone

The National Champions of the ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ADSE) 2019 from Cambodia, Yin Mazatin and Sambo Visal, have always been fascinated by the fourth industrial revolution and its implication to youth participation in future job market.

That was why they were excited to participate in ADSE 2019 as they believed it was a perfect opportunity to further explore these topics by using data analytics.

As they were brainstorming for their storyboard, the two fourth-year students of Kirirom Institute of Cambodia managed to identify a huge gap between the current education structure and labor market’s demand. “We learned that there is a mismatch between what the industry needs and what the education system provides for youth,” Yin said. This, according to Yin, significantly affects youth employability. There and then, both of them came up with a storyboard titled “Bridging the Youth with Industry Revolution 4.0” for the purpose of tackling this specific issue.

The journey of mastering data analytics was not easy for both of them. It was not just about knowing how to operate the SAP Analytics Cloud, but also how to develop an informative, presentable and easy-to-understand storyboard. We tried very hard to find accurate data and import it to the software,” Sambo said. “After that, we had to properly visualise our data to make sure that everyone can understand it.

The difficulty level spiked as they entered the ADSE 2019’s Regional Finals stage. “The preparations for the Regional Finals in Bangkok were the most challenging for us,” Sambo confessed. “We had to frequently rehearse our presentation and train ourselves to adapt to changes in the environment quickly. Yin echoed his friend’s statement, saying, The most challenging part for me was getting out of my comfort zone to present in front of international judging panels and audiences.

Despite the tough journey, both of them agreed that the whole ADSE 2019’s experiences were very rewarding. “ADSE provided a platform for us to unlock our potentials in data analytics, Yin said. “Furthermore, it also gave us an opportunity to engage with other talented youth and learn from their perspectives.” Sambo also agreed that his participation in ADSE 2019 was a one in lifetime opportunity. You will learn something that you never learned in your life before,” Sambo said. “You will also able to meet new amazing people from other countries!

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