Video Production Consultant for the Development of Impact Videos of ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme



Video Production Consultant for the Development of Impact Videos of ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme 

June-October 2023 



Amid the COVID-19 crisis, viral online misinformation and disinformation are spreading unchecked, to the point that the World Economic Forum identified it as one of the biggest threats to society. ASEAN is also not immune to this threat. Young people are among the most vulnerable groups prone to radicalisation, hate speech, false news and intolerance.  


ASEAN is taking a concrete step to prevent misinformation and disinformation. In 2018, the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information adopted the Framework and Joint Statement to Minimise the Harmful Effects of Fake News. ASEAN has also launched its ASEAN Digital Literacy, which aims to promote greater cybersecurity as part of the fight against online disinformation. In addition, 2021 saw ASEAN develop a guideline of Training of Trainers programme that targets secondary school teachers, university tutors and lecturers to improve the digital information literacy of young people. 


To contribute to the effort, the ASEAN Foundation, with the support of, implements ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme (ASEAN DLP) from 2022 to 2024. The regional programme aims to combat misinformation and disinformation by providing digital literacy training for youth, teachers, parents, community leaders and government officials in collaboration with local implementing partners. The programme will include a strong awareness campaign element to ensure that the importance of media and information literacy is better understood by a wider audience and inspire people to become the agent of change that can help detect and prevent hoaxes and fake news from spreading.  


After a year of implementation, ASEAN DLP has equipped more than 130,000 people across the region with digital literacy knowledge, achieved through a series of capacity building trainings led by more than 1,200 Master Trainers in ten ASEAN countries. In parallel, another key component of the programme, which is the ASEAN Youth Advisory Groups, has successfully managed to build greater awareness about the importance of digital literacy through trainings and campaigns targeting grassroot communities. Many inspiring stories came about during the implementation that need to be highlighted as the impact of the programme. 


One of the best ways to showcase these impacts are through the means of video. Therefore, the ASEAN Foundation is seeking Video Maker to help develop impacts videos that can convey the story of ASEAN DLP’s beneficiaries and highlight the partnership of ASEAN Foundation and 








Under the direct supervision of Communication Officer for ASEAN DLP as well as the guidance from Project Manager of ASEAN DLP and Head of Communications of ASEAN Foundation, the Video Editor will carry out the following assignments:  

  1. Draft storyboard for three videos (training highlight video, impact video, and success story video) for shooting and editing purpose.  
  2. Take relevant photo and video footages in at least 3 locations in Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore and Viet Nam or Philippines. 
  3. Organise accommodation and travel from and to locations identified by the ASEAN ADLP’s team for shooting purpose. 
  4. Provide high quality editing to the video footages by following the finalised storyboard.  
  5. Provide appropriate number of revisions for all video products. 
  6. Submit the final video that has been approved and verified for publication by relevant officers from the ASEAN Foundation and 
  7. Coordinate closely with the ASEAN DLP’s team throughout the video development process. 



  1. 3 storyboards covering training highlight video, impact video, and success story video delivered 
  2. 3 final videos and all video footages delivered in 4K quality 
  3. 1 ASEAN DLP’s training highlight video with at 3 minutes duration at the most made available  
  4. 1 ASEAN DLP’s hero video highlighting the programme impacts with 3 minutes duration at the most made available 
  5. 1 ASEAN DLP’s success story video focusing on the Master Trainer's and beneficiaries' story, using footages from ASEAN DLP’s team, with 3 minutes duration at the most made available 
  6. At least 3 revision entitlement per video until finalisation 






Application and Quotation Submission 

29 May 2023 – 16 June 2023 

Internal Procurement Process 

17 June – 28 July 2023 

Pre-Production (design, concept storyboard, and preparation) 

24 July – 4 August 2023 

Video Production (shooting) 

7 August – 13 September 2023 

Postproduction (editing) 

13 - 30 September 2023 

First cut video submission 

1 October 2023 

Review and Revision 

2 – 13 October 2023 

Final video submission 

15 October 2023 




All information pertaining to this project belonging to the ASEAN Foundation, which the consultant may come into contact with, in the performance of his/her, duties under this assignment shall remain the property of the ASEAN Foundation who shall have the exclusive rights over their use. Except for the purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of the ASEAN Foundation in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable.  



  1.  Has extensive experience in storyboard development, videography production for documentational and promotional purpose, and video editing. 
  2. Able to proficiently speak and write in English. 
  3. Has good experience in developing creative video creation for engagement. 
  4. Ownership of video editing software is a must.  
  5. Technical knowledge that includes creative process in script, storyboard, production editing to final artwork.  
  6. Possess good flexibility in receiving last minute changes and requests from client. 
  7. Able to work under pressure and meet tight timelines without affecting the quality of the final video. 




Any eligible organisation and/or professional keen to apply for this opportunity is required to send the following documents: 

  1. CV 
  2. Portfolio with previous work (video and storyboard) 
  3. Request for Quotation (download here) 
  4. Proposed storyboard with timeline for video production 


The above documents should be sent to [email protected] and [email protected] cc to [email protected] before 21 June 2023 23.59 (GMT+7)


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