22 February, 2021 2:12 PM

Virtual Doesn't Matter: How MAM UP 2020 Engages Youths During COVID-19

The Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina (MAM UP) is an annual competition held by the Department of International Relations, Pertamina University since 2016 and has become a prestigious event attended by both national and international students from various universities in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) countries.

MAM UP has also collaborated with the ASEAN Foundation since the event was inaugurated in 2016. For its fifth edition in 2020, the event was held virtually for the first time to comply with COVID-19 regulations. 

MAM UP 2020 took place on 10 November 2020 with the theme "Towards Regional Energy Resilience". Consistent with its tagline #VirtualDoesntMatter, switching the event online does not dampen youth's enthusiasm to be engaged and work together to create solutions.  

This activity lasts for 4 days and to compromise for the virtual constraints, a series of events have been arranged to provide a new and unforgettable experience to all delegates. On the first day, the event was opened with an interactive webinar gathering practitioners, experts, as well as academics who shared valuable insights regarding the topic of energy resilience. Around 500 national and international participants attended the session. After the webinar, the delegates attended the ASEAN Preparation Class by Dr. Yang Mee Eng as Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation. She provided more insights into the purpose of the Model ASEAN Meeting and the ASEAN Community building effort. The second and third days of MAM UP 2020 were filled with a simulation of the ASEAN Meeting with 3 ASEAN pillars, namely; APSC (ASEAN Political-Security Council), ASCC (ASEAN Socio-Cultural Council), AECC (ASEAN Economic Council) and finally closed on the fourth day with an award ceremony.

In addition to introducing the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Communication and Diplomacy, and Pertamina University to the wider community, MAM UP 2020 has the purpose to become a forum that supports the development of the ASEAN Community. Besides also expanding its students' and academics' connection, it also seeks to harness their leadership skills and prepare them, as the future leaders of ASEAN. 

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