Virtual Reality Consultant for ASEAN Sculpture Garden Project

Terms of Reference


1) KONNECT ASEAN Background

KONNECT ASEAN is a development project supported by the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund and will serve as the ASEAN Foundation’s core arts and cultural programme. KONNECT ASEAN signals both an eagerness by ASEAN to revitalise its once integral role in contemporary visual arts and South Korea’s sincerity in establishing closer ties with ASEAN.

The ASEAN Foundation, as the Proponent of KONNECT ASEAN, is authorised to utilise the KONNECT ASEAN Fund and be responsible of the Project implementation by the agreement of the ASEAN Senior Official Meeting on Culture and Arts (SOMCA). The ASEAN Foundation is in partnership with Asia Art Agency (AAA) Pte Ltd, as one of the implementing agencies in the KONNECT ASEAN.

2) ASEAN Sculpture Garden Background

One of the key activities under ASEAN Foundation and AAA’s partnership in KONNECT ASEAN is the ASEAN Sculpture Garden Project, which is budgeted under KONNECT 208. The ASEAN Sculpture Garden Project is part of Nothing is Forever: Rethinking Sculpture in Singapore, implemented in partnership between AAA and National Gallery Singapore.

The ASEAN Sculpture Garden project is based on the ASEAN Sculpture Symposium, an initiative led by ASEAN in a bid to foster and symbolise regional cultural solidarity among the ASEAN member countries – the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Working under an overarching theme, artists from the various member countries convened at a selected city to hold artist workshops and were commissioned to create sculptures that were to be permanently installed in a dedicated site. Since the inaugural edition of the ASEAN Sculpture Symposium in 1981, a total of six editions have been held:

  1. First ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
    Fort Canning Hill, Singapore
  2. Second ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
    Chatuchak Park, Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Third ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
    Taman Suropati (Suropati Park), Jakarta, Indonesia
  4. Fourth ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
    Persiaran Damuan (Damuan Recreational Park), Brunei
  5. Fifth ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
    ASEAN Sculpture Garden, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Sixth ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
    Liwasang ASEAN, Cultural Centre of the Philippines Complex, Manila, the Philippines

While these sculptures occupy a notable presence in our public spaces, there has been a lack of research and documentation on these artworks to date. As such, the ASEAN Sculpture Garden Project looks to promote and deepen our understanding of these public sculptures within their respective localities of the various capital cities. The aims of the project include the following:

  1. Conduct historical research on the ASEAN Sculpture Symposium and Gardens, and understanding the motivations behind the cultural initiative
  2. Research on the socio-cultural networks drawn upon and created through these cultural exchanges as facilitated by the ASEAN Sculpture Symposium
  3. Research on the commissioning processes of these public sculptures, in relation to scale, spatial considerations, and artistic intentions
  4. Contribute to an archival documentation of these public artworks through the creation of an educational virtual portal for the public to experience the ASEAN Sculpture Gardens and their public sculptures
  5. Project manage the work for all 6 ASEAN Sculpture Gardens

3) Vendor Objective

As part of the project, the ASEAN Foundation is looking to engage a vendor to produce in-situ visualisations of the ASEAN Sculpture Gardens and their public sculptures (refer to Appendix A). The vendor must be based in one of the ASEAN member countries, and will be assigned to document the ASEAN Sculpture Garden. (see appendix A for list of public sculptures in each site). These visualisations will be incorporated into an educational virtual 360-Experience with a graphical user interface, enabling members of the public to navigate and interact with the ASEAN Sculpture Gardens as part of the exhibition Nothing is Forever: Rethinking Sculpture in Singapore. The 360-Experience will also be made available online throughout the duration of the exhibition (27 May 2022 – 19 March 2023).

The interactive experience will also incorporate artists’ audio responses to the Garden (one for each city). These responses will be commissioned directly by the Gallery. The vendor is to advise on the file format and equipment, and on the integration of these responses into the interactive.

4) Duty Stations and Duration of Assignments

It is a remote duty station consultancy with the duration from 3 January 2022 to 31 March 2023.

  • Production and completion of deliverables: 3 January 2022 to 4 May 2022
  • Maintenance of interactive programme: 5 May 2022 to 31 March 2023

Duty, Responsibilities and Expected Deliverables

Under the supervision of the National Gallery Singapore and overall guidance of the ASEAN Foundation, the scope of work as follows:

No Requirements Description
1 Capture requirements for 6 ASEAN Sculpture Gardens

A.    360-degree views of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and each public sculpture located within the site

  1. Panoramic views of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden.
    • Captured images should showcase unobstructive and wide views of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and its surroundings, inclusive of aerial views.
    • Captured images of the surroundings should enable the viewer to examine the ASEAN Sculpture Garden from various distances and proximities.
  2. All-around views of each public sculpture in the ASEAN Sculpture Garden.
    • Captured images should maintain a viewpoint from a feasible circumference around the sculpture and allow the viewer to see the sculpture in round from different angles.
    • Captured images should allow the viewer to have a close-range view of each sculpture and allow the viewer to examine the surface material qualities of each public sculpture such as its texture.
  3. All captured images should have a minimum of 4K resolution.
  4. All captured images should have good outdoor lighting, ideally that of bright and clear weather conditions.
  5. Vendor is to review ASEAN Sculpture Garden spaces and recommend suitable travel points for a seamless user journey.
  6. Aerial views of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden using drone photography. Captured images that showcase the garden and its surroundings from a bird's-eye view.
  7. Incorporate the 6 artists’ audio responses, which includes cleaning-up the audio files for better sound quality and to provide subtitles if needed.

B.    Optional

  1. 3D scans and/or models of each public sculpture. Renderings of the public sculpture in round, within a defined volume.
2 Functional Requirements of the 360-Experience 

On-site Display: Produced captures will need to be hosted on a platform that can be deployable on a touchscreen.

  • Hardware for display is not included in this tender requirement.
  • The vendor is to advise on the file format and equipment, and on the integration of these responses into the interactive.
  • User navigation should be simple enough to be intuitive for touchscreen.

Online Distribution: The 360-Experience should work across platforms, from mobile to desktop.

  • 360-Experience should be tested to work with 2 latest versions of desktop (IE, Edge, FF, Chrome, Opera) and native mobile (iOS, Android) browsers.
    Optional: Please indicate if the 360-Experience can also be delivered via Google Cardboard / VR headset in VR App Store
  • The 360-Experience should be embeddable and experienced within web/mobile environment (Example: Gallery website, Collections Search Portal, social media channels such as Facebook (FB), digital interactive screens on-site in the Gallery such as Social Wall located in Level 3 of City Hall Wing); be enabled from on-site access touchpoints – activated by scanning QR code. 360-Experience should be compatible in HTML5.
  • The 360-Experience should balance high fidelity viewing, while streaming quickly onto client’s devices in typical bandwidth scenarios. For example, Mobile 5G and 500mbps broadband.

Point-to-Point Travel: The 360-Experience should comprise of an overlay of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden spaces and incorporate a guided point-to-point travel (travel points) which is akin to a Google Streetview.

Tagged materials to be overlayed within 360-Experience: The core feature of the 360-Experience is to experience the ASEAN Sculptures in its garden environment and enable relevant materials in the 360 environment. Relevant materials to be overlayed include:

  • Audio files of artist’s response to the sculptures (consolidation of audio files provided by the six individual artists to be incorporated within the video interactive.)
  • Close-up details of the sculpture (either 3D scans or high resolution photos)
  • Any other related materials but not limited to images, newspaper articles, drawings, and links.

Repository format: Preferably with the ability to store 360-Experience and its relevant tagged materials in Gallery’s Digital Assets Management System (DAMS). Vendor is to share delivery format and recommended hosting channel (if any).

Functionality Test: Staging and production (Live) environment should be provided. Any development and testing effort will be performed in staging environment, before being deployed to production (Live) environment.

Project Maintenance: Vendor to be responsible for the maintenance of the online platform during the duration of the exhibition. Vendor to liaise with Gallery’s Exhibition Design & Operations team should there be any arising technical issues.  

3 Design Requirements of the 360-Experience

Design Aesthetic: The produced 360-Experience should reflect Gallery’s branding.

User Interface: The interface should be user-friendly and allow users to navigate seamlessly and intuitively from the beginning to the end of their journey in both on-site display and online distribution.

UX testing: User Interface design should include user testing and allow for an agreed number of iterations for improvements before final product is endorsed by team.


Feedback and Tracking Function


Embed tagging/tracking function: The vendor should incorporate a tagging/tracking function (such as Google Analytics) within the 360-Experience which tracks all interactive behavior/content level assets (click through, active downloads, dwell time)/page views/visitorship on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Visitorship Reports: A simple dashboard or automated bi-weekly reports sent via email to reflect visitorship data such as the number of unique visitors, repeat visitors and length of view in each 360-Experience.

Gathering of user feedback:  The vendor should enable functions where visitors of the 360-Experience can provide their feedback. Vendor is to propose suitable reactive touch points where this feedback could be obtained during the course of user’s journey.

5 Content-Ownership and Copyright

Gallery retains copyright of all the source image files (raw and processed files) produced during the project, for the purpose of archiving, marketing, publicity and education, for perpetuity.

Unless a third-party proprietary platform is used, such as Matterport, Gallery will also retain for purpose of archiving, marketing, publicity and education for perpetuity, the final produced 360-Experience files.

6) Eligibility criteria of vendors working on this project:

  1. Citizen of ASEAN and/or ROK
  2. Based in one of the ASEAN country where the ASEAN Sculpture Symposium is located (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and Philippines)
  3. Working in the mediums of photography, moving image and/or new media.
  4. Possess relevant technical expertise, software and skills in 3D imaging technology. Preferable to have previous working experience with 3D space capture interfaces and platforms such as Matterport.
  5. Possess prior experience in delivering exhibition interactive experiences.

7) For proposal submission, Vendors must provide:

  1. Draft Implementation Plan
    Plans on the project timeline (refer to Appendix B), costing and implementation plans on how the 360 capture can be coordinated across countries will need to be submitted. This should include contingency plans in case of changes in policies due to COVID-19.
  2. Portfolio of relevant works/projects
    A demonstration of the past works closest to the requirements in this tender requirement is to be submitted.
  3. Track Record
    Submission should include track record of past projects that are most closely related to this tender requirement.
  4. Tender Briefing
    Vendors are compulsory to attend the virtual tender briefing set by the ASEAN Foundation and the Gallery. A date and time will be arranged, and invitation will be sent to vendors via email.
  5. Final Quotation and Tender Forms
    Refer to Appendix C

8) During project phase, the appointed vendor must provide:

  1. Preliminary draft of planned production with test shoots
    Prior to the actual shoot, the vendors should have discussions with the curators on their 
    planned production. This includes conducting a site recce of the location, in addition to providing test shots of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and the various public sculptures. The vendors are to revise their production plans based on the comments and feedback from the discussions.
    Where the documentation of the Garden is to be sub-contracted to other companies in other cities, the appointed vendor must submit the portfolio of the company for Gallery’s approval.
  2. Captured images of 360-degree views of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and each public sculpture located within the site
    The vendor is to submit to Gallery the source file of the captured images of the ASEAN Sculpture Garden and its public sculptures (i.e. raw and processed files e.g. JPEG, TIFF). The source file should be accessible, retrievable and easily readable.
  3. Project management
    The vendor is to provide project management services as part of this quotation for the full duration of this project, including the maintenance of the interactive video
  4. Post-production service to prepare final 360 experience for go-live
    After captured images are processed, the vendor will need to work closely with the Gallery with any preparation work for the final 360 experience, including tagging of relevant materials, testing, relevant design work and configuration for on-site display / online distribution.

9) Application Procedure

All interested applicants must submit the required documents via this link by the Closing Date, which is 11 pm Jakarta, 27 December 2021.

Tenderers who wish to seek further clarifications on the Tender shall submit their written request no later than 4 working days prior to the close of the Tender to the following contacts:


Appendix A – List of Artworks in the ASEAN Sculpture Gardens. (Click here)


Appendix B – Projected draft timeline (to be discussed further with appointed vendor)


APPENDIX C – Quotation & Tender Forms. (Click here)


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