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KONNECT ASEAN is a regional project supported by the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund and implemented by the ASEAN Foundation under its arts and culture pillar. KONNECT ASEAN represents ASEAN’s commitment to revitalise its integral role in contemporary visual arts, and signals South Korea’s sincerity in establishing closer ties with ASEAN.   

The programme celebrates the arts and culture of ASEAN using different interventions and platforms such as exhibitions, community arts workshops, and printed and digital documentations, and explores and discusses social, political, economic, and environmental issues in the region. Furthermore, the programme intends to connect key stakeholders from public and private sectors to achieve the vision of an ASEAN Community. 

KONNECT ASEAN also addresses the Strategic Plan for Culture and Arts 2016-2025 by contributing to the strategic priority no. 4.1 which is encourage a multi-stakeholder approach in promoting an ASEAN mind-set and identity to increase the appreciation for ASEAN’s histories, arts, traditions and values. At the same time, the KONNECT ASEAN addresses the work plan of ASEAN-Republic of Korea Plan of Action, 2016-2020 by promoting cooperation in the area of culture and arts. 

It is imperative to have an integrated online platform that can document and promote the work of KONNECT ASEAN to the general public in years to come, even after the programme finishes. One of the platforms considered effective is website. On that note, the ASEAN Foundation is seeking a qualified consultant of ASEAN and/or ROK nationals with extensive experiences in developing website for regional programme, in particular on arts and culture, to assist in the development of KONNECT ASEAN’s website. 


Since the beginning of the implementation of KONNECT ASEAN programme in 2020, social media have been the main avenue to promote the works of KONNECT ASEAN to the general public. To strengthen the promotion efforts of the programme, and to provide a centralised platform whereby partners and public can gain comprehensive information related to KONNECT ASEAN, a user-friendly, attractive, well-structured, and youthful website is imperative.  

It is expected that the website can be used by the public to register to KONNECT ASEAN’s future activities. The website will also be able to host various virtual exhibitions implemented in KONNECT ASEAN, and feature success stories of the programme. 


With close coordination with the Project Director and Project Coordinator for KONNECT ASEAN, and guidance by the Executive Director and Head of Communications of ASEAN Foundation, the Website Developer will be responsible for the following: 

  1. Submit comprehensive work plan for the development of the online platform  
  2. Propose front end, site structure and user flow diagram based on intensive discussions with KONNECT ASEAN team 
  3. Propose visual mood for the website 
  4. Conduct content integration 
  5. Tailor make content designs  
  6. Assist in maintaining and troubleshooting the website 
  7. Ensure the performance, quality and responsiveness of platform 


This is a remote-based consultancy with a duration of assignments from 1 January 2022 to 1 April 2023 

The contract might be renewed based on ASEAN Foundation’s decision and the project timeline. 


No DELIVERABLE Remarks Timeline
1 Workplan of the website development  The workplan must include, among others, a clear timeline of the website development and website specification. Made in consultation with ASEAN Foundation.  17 Jan 2022 
2 Site structure, site map and visual mood  The site structure and site map have to contribute in making KONNECT ASEAN a user-friendly website. The visual mood must follow KONNECT ASEAN’s branding guideline. Made in consultation with ASEAN Foundation.  7 Feb 2022 
3 First draft of the website   The developer is expected to ensure the look and performance of the website (bug fixing). Content integration on-going. First draft will be reviewed by ASEAN Foundation.  21 February 2022 
4 Second draft of the website  The developer is expected to accommodate ASEAN Foundation’s inputs. Content integration on-going. Second draft will be reviewed by ASEAN Foundation and partners.  1 March 2022 
5 Final draft of the website 

The developer is expected to deliver the website with its final look and optimum performance based on the agreement with the ASEAN Foundation. 

The website is expected to be launched on 15 April during the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2022.  

1 April 2022 
6 Maintenance of the website  The developer is expected to maintain the website, which include assisting in updating the content of the website. All performance-related issues pertinent to the website must be addressed. 1 April 2022 – 1 April 2023


The candidate is expected to demonstrate their qualifications and proven experience in graphic design and technical implementation of user interfaces in a web-based environment. The candidate must also possess an excellent track record of developing websites on time and as planned, that respond to contemporary global design, are use friendly and easy to maintain.  

In order to be suitable for this position, the candidate must have knowledge of and proven ability in website development as well as demonstrate creative approach to visual and/or multimedia presentation of information. Additionally, the candidate must possess professional competence and mastery of subject matter; be conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results 


  • Working experience with philanthropy’ programmes 
  • Proven experience in web development, design, and support in the international development sector. 
  • Experience in making websites relevant to arts and culture will be preferred 
  • Strong experience in developing well-known and widely used open-source platforms, especially WordPress 
  • Knowledge and strong track records in website design including interface and navigation 
  • Experience at regional/international level is preferrable 
  • Prior experience with the ASEAN sectoral bodies would be an advantage 
  • At least 5 years of professional work experience in web design 
  • Eye for design and attention to details are essential  


The interested consultant is required to submit to [email protected], copying [email protected]  by 14 December 2021. 

  • CV/profile outlining relevant experience 
  • Portfolio 
  • Quotation 


All inquiries pertaining to this application is addressed to [email protected] 

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