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The 3rd AFMAM 2017 Depicts the Dynamic of ASEAN Decision Making Process

A bright light is projected from the 40 inch flat TV screen in one of the rooms at The Verdure Hall, Henry Sy. Building, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines on Thursday (28/9). Over 20 people in that room are busy looking at the giant screen as well as looking at each of their own laptop’s screen. Voices and whispers suddenly filled up the room when Pa Sokheng, the university student from Cambodia raised her dissenting opinion towards the phrase “and be open to new research institutes” as the group tried to reach consensus on the text of a draft statement by ‘senior environment officials’ of ASEAN.

#ASEAN Heroes : A Glimpse Story of Samantha - Female Youth Farmpreneur!

Let’s meet Samantha Gunawan, 27 years old, who prefers to be called as farmpreneur instead of agripreneur because she believes the term is more suitable to represent her youth and what she has been doing! #ASEANHeroes

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