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Borneo Model ASEAN Meeting 2017, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Kuching (12/04) – The inaugural Borneo Model ASEAN Meeting (BMAM) that took place in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) was one of the most highly-regarded Model ASEAN Meeting initiatives endorsed by the ASEAN Foundation, primarily aims to create and raise awareness of the ASEAN regional issues among the ASEAN citizens.

The ASEAN Foundation Calls Young Potentials in the Region to Join Model ASEAN Meeting 2017

The ASEAN Foundation is calling all ASEAN university students between the ages of 18 and 25 and faculty members to be part of the ASEAN Community building process by registering for the “Third ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting 2017” (3rd AFMAM 2017).

UNIMAS Students Prepare their Model ASEAN Meeting 2017

Kuching (31/03) – 2017 marks the arrival of the Model ASEAN Meeting (MAM) on the island of Borneo. A spin-off from the ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting (AFMAM), the Borneo Model ASEAN Meeting (BMAM) 2017 remains faithful to delivering the educative and fun way to learn ASEAN's mechanism and processes.

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